Friday, December 01, 2006

We Arra Peoppell right enough !

Ha ! BARELY five million people living in Scotland but estimates of those claiming a Scottish identity range from 40 to 80 million. Ha I say again ! ,,, Wha's like us ,,?
What makes all these foreign Scots want to belong I wonder ?
Apart from the fact that we are the sweetest, most loveable, friendly, happy folks with the best Whisky on the planet ?
Or is it that they all want a tartan ? A kilt maybe ? A Mac in front of their name ??
Tell you what though ,,, I hope they all don't want to come and stay !!!
As I might say ,,, Bugger Off ,, There's nae room !!


Derek said...

Not a comment about this post but i didn't know if there was a way to leave a message other than by commenting on a specific post.
Anyway - have just looked at your profile for the first time - i knew i would get you in the end -- favourite music .... Dylan!

Scudder said...

Ahhh, a simple slip of the pen !!
When I was less than sober ?