Friday, December 01, 2006

Yer other National Drink .,,. Cheers Lottie

I've just seen the new ad for Oor other National Drink ,,, made fae Girders !
And it's a new version made obviously just for Lottie ,.,. my dear grandchild ,,
Even the Snowman has fallen under her spell ,.,. he's now the bad guy !!
Ho-Ho-Ho ,,,
Lots'll just love this guy.

Meet the New Kid on the Block !

Hey, as I was saying, Glockenspiel, schmockenspiel ,.,.but couldn't figure out how to add the picture to a comment on someone else's blog !
Meet Mr. Piano Man ,.,.., or Our Very Own ,,
Leon the Rhythm ,.,.

We Arra Peoppell right enough !

Ha ! BARELY five million people living in Scotland but estimates of those claiming a Scottish identity range from 40 to 80 million. Ha I say again ! ,,, Wha's like us ,,?
What makes all these foreign Scots want to belong I wonder ?
Apart from the fact that we are the sweetest, most loveable, friendly, happy folks with the best Whisky on the planet ?
Or is it that they all want a tartan ? A kilt maybe ? A Mac in front of their name ??
Tell you what though ,,, I hope they all don't want to come and stay !!!
As I might say ,,, Bugger Off ,, There's nae room !!

As I was saying ,,,

Even wee Calvin knows better than our legislators !
What does that tell us about our modern day society ?

Friday, November 24, 2006

Bah, Humbug ,, !

So, this is Xmas ?
Hahahaha ,,, I've found a sympathetic ear ,, or something ?
Seems I've missed this for the past few years but there's a World Wide Day in my honour !
Well ok, maybe not MY honour but people like me who want a stop put to this Xmas spending nonsesnse we suffer every year ,.,.
It started out small ,, in the outbacks of Canada, but is now gathering support ,,, it's being celebrated now in more than 50 countries ,,, Ha ,,It's catching on ,, at last we have a following !
Watch out Santa ,,, we're coming to get you !!

Monday, November 20, 2006

It's True you know !

It IS true and a well kent fact to boot ,,,
"As soon as you make something idiot-proof, along comes another, new brand of idiot."
It happens in every walk of life too ,, Look at the morons who are now pursuing ASBO's like they are badges of honour ! ,.,. actually competing with one another to see who can get theirs first !! ,,, but mostly it's politicians ,.,. And of course the Law ,,
How about the boy(s) accused of murdering an innocent man walking home from the pub ,,, then for no reason the Crown Office reduce the charge to Manslaughter !!
This is 3 - young guys beating and kicking one old man to death in an unprovoked attack in the street ,,, then they let one of these idiots bugger off on hoiday to Bulgaria ?? As the son of the victim said ,, " How can the Justice system release a person accused of MURDER and then let them swan off on holiday. It's unreal. The Justice system has gone crazy ,, It's an outrage."
And who would disagree ?
So WHY is allowed to happen ?? What the hell is wrong with our politicians and judges ?
Oh, and incidentally, they got 9-years ,,, for this savage murder,,, Yeah, NINE whole years ,, and we all know what that means ,, the bastards will be out walking the streets looking for another victim in 4 !! And our law makers think this is JUSTICE ??
Jesus ... what world do they live in ?

Sunday, November 19, 2006

This would pleaase the Little Darlings for sure !

Well now, here's an idea ,,, who's time has perhaps come ?
I read this at first thinking it was a fun thought ,, someone having a giggle, but maybe, just maybe, this Prof has got it dead right ? It's certainly worth a try ,.,. might just improve our current Asbo seeking teen cult if they learned what they wanted to learn ?
Anyway I like this kind of "off the wall" lateral thinking !
Any of you Academics out there agree ??

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Don't you just love these modern day Highwaymen ?

Stand and Deliver !
Now it's bloody Scottish Power that are shafting us ,, yet again !
How can these buggers justify all the crippling rises they're putting on our bills and then come up with this kind of report ?
Oh, silly me ! I forgot, they're about to be "taken over" and so this report will ensure a higher price being paid and of course that in turn means the power company fat cats will now see their shares value rising thro' the roof ,.,.,. leaving them well able to afford any rises in their bills ,,,, with enough left over for the odd foreign holiday home, the Merc, etc,,,,
Again I would ask the SIMPLE question ,,, WHY is our Government allowing this daylight robbery ?

It was Inevitable of course

I know it's happened ,.,. I knew it was gonna happen ,, it was I suppose, inevitable ! Maybe it's an age thing that happens to us all sooner or later ,, or maybe it's the crass stupidity I'm surrounded by and have to listen to on a daily basis ,.,. but yeah, it's now firmly established in my psyche ,..,,. I AM a GRUMPY old man ! Hey, but proud of it ,,,, so no tears or sympathy please. Maybe just join me in condemning the seriously crazy buggers who are now all voice, in the UK in particular, but pretty well world wide too I guess ,.,.
I sited one example earlier with our stupidity over the general prison population.
I could go on ad nauseum and probably will ,,, I'll bore you all to tears .,,. but to site just a few examples of modern day silliness' ,, No not silliness but downright annoying, anger inducing stuff, I give you these ( just for starters you understand ! )
Ok, how about we start at the beginning ,,, Schools ,.,.,. The old 3-R's system of teaching with some disipline from the Teach seems to me to have produced a generation or three of reasonably intelligent adults with some respect for others ,.,. What have all the stupid changes since I left school been about ? And more importantly, what have they achieved ? We now have a huge majority of under-educated delinquents on our hands ,,, Apart from being near illiterate they now have "attitude" that would never have been allowed in my day. Ask any Cop in the street ( if you can find one on the street that is ! )
They ( the do-gooders that is ) took away the teachers, the parents, ( and the beat Polis' ) authority, left them unable to touch the little darlings and now we have total anarchy in the home, classroom and on the streets ,.,., Show me a teacher you know who doesn't want to get out ? Show me a Cop who isn't totally frustrated by the way they have been left toothless.
Then there's the Courts ,.,. Ha, talk about bloody jokes ,,,When last did you see a sentence that fitted the crime ? And now of course we also have this nonsense half time off jail sentences for ,,, eh, nothing ,,, other than because the jails are too full !
Why not use some of our unemployed, or parasite immigrants ( only those who work to get any kind of payments ?) , or even jailbirds themselves to build more jails ?
How can our law makers, lawyers and judges not see what everyone else in the country can see ?
But of course we've now got ASBO's !! Another bloody joke ,.,.,. it takes years of everyone's time and effort to get one of these actioned and then what do they do ,, they kick the offenders out ,,, yeah for a whole 3-months !! Wow ,,, what a waste of time ?
C'mon Scotland ,, waken up ,, time for the Silent Majority to stand up and be counted ?
Before it's too late ,.,.,.,.,.

Now I've REALLY heard it all !

Jesus Christ ! What is this country coming to ?
Now we're "settling out of court" with the scum of the earth ,,, I'm talking about these law breakers and ne'er do wells that we used to call prisoners in jail .,,.,. who used to get bread and water to survive on and deterrents administered so as not to offend again.
First we paid them because their sensibilities were damaged at having to slop-out .,,.
Now we're giving them money because they've got themselves banged up and we're keeping them away from their beloved Heroin !! Honest to God ,, this country is sick ,.,.
Why is this nonsense allowed ? What the hell is this Government doing sitting back and allowing this kind of stupidity to go on?
Any lawyer defending this kind of shite should be struck off.
Stop wasting the court's time I say ,, give the idiots all the bloody H they want ,,, preferably in over large dozes and save us the money in keeping the worthless bastards in jail, at our cost.
Time the silent majority in this country stood up to be counted before there's no country left.
Bring back the bread and water, the cat o' nine tails and all the rest ,, Let's clean up our country and get rid of the parasites ( both crooks and do-gooder versions )
And before you brand me a raving lunatic just ask the person sitting next to you in your office, any pub, golf club, public transport etc, and see how many agree with me.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

It's a hard life ,, being a Pumpa !

I've not had such a harrowing month since my weans were .,,.,. eh, well weans.
The worry of the wee man has really affected my every waking moment ,.,. and my sleeping moments too. I don't think I've had more than 4-straight hours since Phyl came home from NYC. Funny how things like that can really get to you ,.,. I thought my worries were over when my oldest wean came home alone from the Big Apple, but alas no, they were just beginning !
I think it's been the uncertainty of it ,, not knowing what it was / is ? ,,, I think our wee guy is finally on the mend ,, at least I sincerely hope so ,, I need my sleep ! ,.,.but it has certainly done one thing for me ,, it's re-enforced my belief ( and my father's before me ) that our Doctors are about as much in the dark today as they were in the days of Burke & Hare !
My old man had a wonderul medical code that he lived by ,, He told me ,,"if an Aspirin and a wee hauf doesn't cure it then it's probably terminal !" and as I've said before ,, he was absolutely spot-on ,,, He self-cured everything he ever had ,, right up 'till the day he died !!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

It Happened at the Seniors Prizegiving Night !

It started out so well ... all us good ole buddy golfers met at 5.00pm for a little aperitif and chat, after our early morning game, played for the last trophy of the season.
Dinner was set for 50-odd guys, to commence at 5.30.
The drink flowed ,,, just a pint of Guinness was my opening gambit ,,, It had been so long since my last one ,,I would maybe have a glass of wine with dinner and that ,, as they say ,, would be that ! The best laid plans eh ? ,.,.,.
Would you like a wee Glenmorangie Dougie ? someone asked ,,,, Well ok, just the one then ,,,
"Gentlemen ,,, Dinner is Served" was announced ,,, we took our drinks to our table and before even the soup had arrived there was one of those complimentary bottles of Whisky doing it's rounds ,,, And a whisky glass in front of you meant only one thing ,,, it needed topping up !
Ok then, my subconcious told me ( for I was still capable of thought at that point ! ) I'll simply give up the wine with dinner and no more Guinness of course, that would be folly indeed !
So we ate, we chatted, we told jokes ( well Willie Dickie did that ! ) we applauded the winners of all the cups and assorted trophies ( yes including mine ,,, the famous Millennium Cup came to the Scudder once again )
Then the singing began ,,, Big Ollie arrived and set up his equipment ,,, He did just the one number and then turned ghostly white and rushed off stage throwing up as he ran,.., into his infamous "Beenie Hat " ,,,,, And he's Tee-Total !!
So the night's entertainment didn't quite hit the heights of our past doo's ,,, singing became something of a challenge with no accompanist !! Nevertheless the singers came, they performed and they passed on ( most not literally of course ) ,,,,,
Some time later Ollie returned ,,, but still only a ghostly reflection of his usual self. ( He obviously wanted his money so battled on like the trouper he is ! )
By now the beer and whisky were in full flow ,,, some 11 -complimentary bottles were doing their thing ! It flowed like it was Chicago in the Prohibition era ,,,, My Guinness and whisky glasses were constantly full ,,, I could make no impression on them, much as I tried !!
Until ,,,,, I apparently decided to go ,,,, somewhere ,,, maybe the loo, maybe for a walk,,, maybe home ,,, I sure as hell don't know ,,,
Next thing I remember ??? my darling wife putting me in her car and driving me home.
Next morning I came to in bed ,,, blood all over the pillow ?? ,, a dull thought entered my head ,, I remembered falling down ... Jesus, had I maybe lost my wallet, keys, specs, out of my pocket when I tumbled over ?? Hey, did I fall or was I mugged ?? I stumbled out of bed and ran ,,, well ,,, staggered slowly to the end of the bed to check my suit pockets .,.,., Shit, empty ,,, Oh hell ,,, I now picked up pace and downstairs I rolled ,,,
Ah, heaven be praised ,,, wallet, keys, glasses ,,, all intact on the mantlepiece,,,,,, Phew !!
Back up to bed ,,,, I lay there for quite a time trying to fill in the gaps ,,, How and why did I leave the club, how did I get home ,,, no recollection of any of it ,,, last thing I remember was Jim Dowie singing one of my favourite Sinatra numbers ,,, then someone drew down the blinds .....
Oh, and I've lost my silver Cup ! The Millennium Trophy is nowhere to be found ! ( significantly however the cheque that comes with the prize was safely tucked away in the wallet ! ,,,, not totally drunk then ? )
Today ( after a yesterday spent in recovery ) I returned to the scene ,,,
It appears I was not alone ,,,, very few of my compatriots remember much of Monday night !
However a few details were filled in ,,,, another member's wife waiting in her car to pick up her drunk saw me leave ,, or try to leave ,,
Apparently I smashed my head off the metal railings at the entrance to the car park ,,, I was using my mobile 'phone at the time she said ,,,, staggering wildly back and forth and trying to hold on at the same time ,,, and after the head collided with the railings I fell over backwards ,,, ( that'll explain the sore bum then ,,, and the quite severe cut and lump on my head ! ,.,.but I managed to get up again "all by myself" ,.,. ( as a little friend of mine would say )
My friend and only sober companion of the night ( one Smackmaknee ) began to miss me after a while and spent the rest of his night looking all round the place trying to find me ,,, in all the loos, the showers, the clubhouse changing rooms, both up and downstairs, outside on the course even ! ,,, ( hey, stoopid, I didn't have my clubs with me !! ,,,,, but I had by this time disappeared ,,, and was safely tucked up in bed !
And the good news to finish ?,,, The Millennium Cup was safely locked away in the Trophy cabinet awaiting my return ,,,,,
So all's well that ends !!
And needless to say ,,,, NEVER AGAIN :)

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Ho Ho, Nearly as good as the Ryder Cup ,,, Hampden becomes the Park de Triompheeeeeee ,,,, YES !

As Elvis used to say ,, aye and the great Johnny Ray long before him ,,
"It was a night ,,, Oh, What a Night it was ,, it really was, such a night !!"
I was watching it with my beloved ( and half French ) grandchildren ,,, their Mommy having deserted them for the high life in NYC and their Papa for work ( or maybe he just had a premonition of the doom that was to come ? ) ,,,,
The littler one, the fabulous and unique Charlotte was easily converted from her stance ,,,
" France will win 3-2 ,,, to ,, well I don't really care anyway ,, I'll play with my wee cousin Gordon ,,, Oh and it's too warm in here ,, I'm just gonna take off this Zidane football top !! "
Marcel however, the older and wiser, would not be moved ,,, "We'll thrash your Scotland team Pumpa, he told me ,, 6-0 was his opening gambit as he came in the door ,,,, that was modified at half time to, well maybe 3-0 ,,, then it was out and out defiance as desperation set in ,,, well 1-0 then he told me ,, chin thrust out in my face ,,,
UNTIL, that fateful moment when Scotland stood the world on it's head ,,,
We went into the lead ,,, I leapt out of my chair screaming ,,,Yabadabadooo we ara peepelll ,,,
Just about in time I turned to see the wee man ,,, devastated, alone with all these heathens, and with the lower lip all a quiver ,,, but defiant still ,, and French to the core for the full 20 remaining minutes.
When the referee blew that final whistle he was so brave ,,, fighting hard to keep the tear from his wee eye he hissed at me ,,," Just wait 'till we get you in Paris Pumpa ! "
I tried hard not to show it ,, but he's got me really worried !!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

"If we quit voting, will they all go away?"

A car bumber sticker I saw that says it all for me !
But seriously, isn't it high time that Politicians were made responsible for their outbursts ,,, BY LAW ? I mean, if lies in office were made punishable by jail ,,, that would rid us of both the Labour and Tory parties right away ,,, but it might also make the bastards stop and think before opening their gobs ? However it's still not as good a cure as the old maxim ,,,
Anyone who expresses a wish to go into politics should be forever banned from doing so !
And so say all of us ?
A wee joke to underline my opinion of Politicians Country Politics :

A busload of politicians were driving down a country road, when suddenly the bus ran off the road and crashed into an old farmer's barn.
The old farmer got off his tractor and went to investigate.
Soon he dug a hole and buried the politicians.
A few days later, the local sheriff came out, saw the crashed bus and asked the old farmer where all the politicians had gone.
The old farmer told him he had buried them.
The sheriff asked the old farmer, "Lordy, were they ALL dead?"
The old farmer said, "Well, some of them said they weren't, but you know how them crooked politicians lie."

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Bang !

Now hear this :
A story in The Herald last week – about soldiers claiming compensation for the excessive noise caused by their guns – reminded a reader of Brigadier Howard Jordan, former chief executive of Scottish Engineering, and an army career man, who assured him that the ailment soldiers got from firing rifles was called gunner ear !! I would have thought, after repeating the name of the ailment quickly, that it seemed a wee bit of an anti-social sort of complaint. But then again, they are soldiers and I suppose it is a little anti social to shoot people ?!!

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Another Slow News Day ?

Now you must have seen the Baby ASBO story ,,, surely you didn't miss this one ?
The bloody world's gone stark staring barking, and right over the cuckoo's nest ,.,.,
The Holyroo' doos were one thing but this one is just mental ,.,.
Seems that if your Mammy isn't good to you when you're a wean ,,, the "powers that be" can get your ASBO ready for when you hit your teenage years !! Christ isn't science wonderful these days ?
Go on I dare you ,,
Have a go at the readers comments ,.,. if you have a day to spare ! I've never seen more than a couple of dozen comments before but these two "stories "this week have broken the mould !!.....
And I haven't included MINE !!
Do at least get to the one from "Dr. Holmes' mum " !!

So did we all read about the Holyrood Doos ?

Talk about a quiet news day !
Anybody see the LEAD article in the Scotsman this past week ?
Hahahahaha, it would be so much funnier if it wasn't OUR bloody money they were talking about. However it's a MUST read ,,, especially the readers comments ,,, and if we're picking out a winner on that score it just has to be the one from Frank S ,,,, well Mmmm maybe ,,, but then again there's also Philip with his PMD's !!
Go on, read them all, you know you want to ?
It's absolutely wonderful ,,.. a good belly-laugh out loud guaranteed !

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Did I mention that we'd WON in Ireland ?

Well, " that was the weekend that was !" Last weekend that is !
What a brilliant display ,,, even as Captain wee Woosie turned out to be ok after all, :o) Well he WAS good with the Champers & Guinness !!
A truly fantastic performance by every last one of our guys ,,, not least our own Monty, the Pied Piper, leading us all the way, and Darren, what an brilliant but highly emotional week for him, Sergio was Inspired,,, oh, all of them ,, but poor Tiger, humbled yet again on European soil. Will the wonder boy never learn ?
These Yanks simply don't understand TEAM play ,,, in the end it was
almost too easy for us !
Maybe the USA team now needs to be supplemented by their friends in
Canada, Mexico, South America ??? Just to make a game of it again !!

It's a funny old name !

I noticed at the weekend that one Hibs fan seemed determined to eclipse Celtic's new Dutch signing, Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink. ( yeah he actually has this whole paragraph on the back of his shirt ! ) The supporter in question was seen at the game against Falkirk wearing a green T-shirt with a wordy legend on its back: "Edward Anderson Malcolm of Portobello. " Hahhaha ,,, however,
This set me thinking ,,, just as well my old granny wasn't a footballer ,,, her shirt would have had to accommodate this lot ,,, Janet, Grace, Morrison, Stevenson, Scott, Crosbie of Parkheid !! What size of shoulders would she have needed to carry this moniker ??
Beat that you guys !

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Christ, They'll all be at it, if it pays well !

I see you only need a new wean these days to get on the salary trail !
Nae sooner has the little bugger drapped fae the womb than Bang, it's Mammy's goat it oot working ! In fact a wee bit Fertility Treatment and a multiple birth would go a long way to making you a mega earner ,, They need lots of stand-ins you see !! ,,Quite strict rules about how long the little darlings can work unfortunately ! It seems the Glesca Mammys are queuing up to put their new borns on the stage ,, the Soap Stage that is ,,, So, c'mon all you new Mammys ,,, get your wean spruced up and take it down to River City ,,, Just think, the wean's first words could be ,,, "Oh shite, Scarlett's gone and got hersel pregnant again !! "

Sunday, September 24, 2006

They're also getting Dafter every day !

I see the polis are being clever again ,,, They're going to sort out Glasgow's Sectarianism once and for all ! Oh goody ,,, and just how are they going to achive this monumental change in the Glesca Cul'ure you might ask ?
Well it's simple really ,.,. they're to introduce BAFFS ,,, ( that's Ban Abusive Fans of Footie Sectarianism ) or was it FASBO's ( Footie Anti Social Behaviour Orders )
Hahahahaha that'll do it right enough !!
Christ but the naivety is mind numbing ,, if it wasn't so funny ,,,,, and just to compliment our Polis we have the Government's Health Minister spouting his "local knowledge" ,,, and I quote,
" I condemn Buckfast wine as a seriously bad cause of anti social behaviour "
So there you have it, straight for the horse's mouth ,,, or should that be Donkeys mouths ? ) .... Issue some FASBO's and ban Buckie and the world will be put to rights again ,,, Yo !

They're getting Younger every day !

Reading last week about the wee girl mummy ,,, she conceived at 11 and gave birth just before her 12th birthday ! The daft wee bugger is pregnant again apparently !!
Does this wean no' know that at her age she's supposed to get into the back seat of a car, no' to go shagging, but to get on to her "Booster" seat.
At this rate she could be a Granny before she's 23 !! and if she's no' big enough her, the wean and the wean's wean could a' be in matching "Boosters" in the wan caur !!

AND, I see we've also now got young foreign prostitutes working in Glasgow's South side ,,,, again at an age more suited to the booster seat than the blow job ! Apparently as young as 12 and "good looking" their services are being offered at just a tenner ,,, ( ask outside any pub ! )
The local "girls" naturally ( old, wrinkly and drugged up to the eyeballs are apparently up in arms ( but not their punters arms !! ) at not getting their £50 - £60
But hey ! I say, at a fraction of the age, a fraction of the cost surely ?? Be fair now girls ,,,,

Friday, September 22, 2006

Following up on the Age thing !

Further advice on reducing the chances of dying as you grow older reminded me of another point ,,,, when being teased for being the oldest in a group of (significantly) younger golf buddies, I simply pointed out that at 60 another year older equated to only 1.25% of my life. However, at 40 this became 2.5% and at 20 that figure became 5%. So my younger friends were growing older at a much greater speed than me. In similar vein, it might be an idea to stay away from hospitals as they have high death rates. When I'm ill or injured in future I'm refusing to go to hospital and insisting on being taken to a primary school as statistically the risk of dying there is much lower !!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sorry Phyl ,, but now it's GOLF time !

Tomorrow is the ACTUAL start day of course, but today it's the Opening Ceremony complete with all the palaver, speeches, etc, ( more than normal craic this year since Ireland is the host country ?) and TV is showing highlights of all previous years games all day !
So, don't anyone look for any BLOGS from me now before Mon. morning and hopefully then a gloating one after we've duffed up the Yanks yet again !
This year we have the best team I've ever seen BUT, and isn't there always a wee but ( an' ben ? ) we also have perhaps the least motivating leader we've ever had in the wee Welsh Captain Woosie ? I have to admit having grave reservations about him ,,, but hey, the team can do it without his help ,.,. I'm sure of that ,.,. well almost sure !
Anyway, it's on for some 10-hours each day Frid, Sat, and Sun. so why not give it a go and spend some time on Sky Sports 1 ,.,. it WILL be a very exciting and emotional weekend, I promise you ,,,,
Our pals Steve and Joyce are coming over Sun for lunch .,,.,. and later dinner too ,,, just so we can watch the climax together ,.,.,. Yeah, for once the Englisher and I are on the same side !
What more can I say ??
Oh btw it's the RYDER CUP I'm talking about, just in case you didn't know !!

The Best Age NOT to Die ?

Here's an interesting thought for today !
I was reading all about aging brain cells this morning and came across this theory of old age.
It seems the longer you live the less likely you are to die, since less than 1% of the deaths last year were for people over 100 years old, while more than 99% of the deaths were for people under 100. So if you are over 100 the chances of dying are very small, and wait for it, if you are over 110, then the chances of dying are so negligible that you can ignore them.
Ok, so it's the healthy diet for me from now on ,,, I'm aiming for the ole one, one, zero mark !!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Wee Barra Boy !

Did anyone see it last night ,,,?
The wee 5-year old boy who was born before .,,.
Calum I think he was called ,,, Started to tell his mum in Glasgow as soon as he was able to talk that he had lived before on the island of Barra in the Outer Hebrides with his mum, dad brothers and sister ,,, and wouldn't stop going on about it ,, even described everything, the house, the place ,, the beach with aeroplanes landing on it ! even the dog ! Told his Glasgow mum that he had "fallen through a hole" and arrived here in Glasgow. They took him to various analysts etc to try and find out more ,,, but eventually they decided to take him to Barra ,.,..
He was just 5 ,,, it was riviting TV and so spooky ,,,
Almost everything he'd described was there ,,, the house, his mum and dad's name as previous owners ( in the 60's ) even the bloody dog was connected with the house ,.,. The only bit he got wrong ( apparently ) was that he said his dad had been knocked down and killed by a car ,,, ( but could that maybe have been himself ? Alas no record of such a thing ...)
His wee face was just so sad, traumatised, scared, full of expectation when he went into his old home ,,,, I fancy he really thought he'd find his old family waiting for him ,.,.,.
A strange, strange tale ??

Sunday, September 17, 2006

My Friend's Stockholm Syndrome !

I have a close friend, who shall remain nameless for this piece ! ( Lest his dear wife sees it and instigates Divorce proceedings ! )
He was telling me the other day as we walked round the golf course :) ,,, just after the news broke about that poor, and now damaged, child, who was kidnapped and held captive for 8-years in a dingy little room.
We were discussing this "Stockholm Syndrome" phenomenon whereby the victim comes to grow attached to the perpetrator ,.,.
He just came right out with it when I was in the middle of my back swing ,,
"I think I've got this Stockholm Syndrome" he said, "In Reverse !!"
What ? I said, paying as little attention as I could muster at such an important point in my game.
Well I've stayed with the wife now for all these years he says, and I've come to hate her !! :)

Music Obviously plays far too important a roll in my life !

So I'm writing my Blog Profile and it asks me what my musical tastes are !
I told it ,,, in some detail I have to admit ,,, but just names of the various singers, bands, etc that I particularly like,,,, nothing like an exhaustive list ,.,.,. no actual song titles or anything,
It came straight back to me under the heading ,, Profile Alarm " You have more than 600 characters !" ,,, I was suitably alarmed !!
I subsequently had to delete, line by painful line, some of my best loved singers until I reached the magical ( and apparently maximum ) 600 characters ,.,.., and I hadn't even touched on my Classical tastes yet ?
I guess this site suits people with a slightly less musical bent ,..,. Perhaps my daughter's Abba and Barbra Streisand is what is expected ?
But why do they ask such questions and not allow you to answer ??

Friday, September 15, 2006

Greedy Bastards

Re this morning's news on the Norwich Union Insurance giant making half it's staff redundant. The staff's Union guy was said to be "Disgusted !"
Disgusted ? Is that the best he can come up with ? This comment doesn't go near far enough ! But they don't like you swearing on these pages, do they ? ,,,
They made £1.7 BILLION ,, a 27% increase in 1/2 a year ! Jesus ,,
Och, Sorry about the cursing, but greedy BASTARDS ! and now they want MORE ??
They're sick... Let's hope they go down the Swanee, and soon ( hic )
Here's my wee Scottish solution ,,
Any company that wants to move half it's work force to India should be made, by law, to have it's executive staff move and live there too ! Let's see how many fat cats will make that sacrifice ? Maybe then we'll stop the UK from becoming a 3rd. world country. ( well done on that front Tony "B" btw )
Oh and as for Norwich Union not allowing their staff to discuss these cuts ,,,
Ha, Let them try stopping me !
AND, Finally, I will ALWAYS hang up when answered by an Indian ( or other foreign ) call centre and as for Norwich getting any further business from me ,,,
Aye right !

Monday, September 04, 2006

A strange atmosphere

I'm practising trying to do a BLOG !!
At the same time there is decidedly strange atmosphere in the room !!!
That's because my #3 grandchild , the magic ,special boy Leon has shit his nappie ,,,, and the mother now tells me the niff is because the wean had a Korma curry last night !
Jesus but Kormas and Weans really don't go well together !!!! Arghhhhhhhhh ..... Has anyone got a nose peg ?

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Created for you - dyou wanna start using it?

love Phyl xx