Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Christ, They'll all be at it, if it pays well !

I see you only need a new wean these days to get on the salary trail !
Nae sooner has the little bugger drapped fae the womb than Bang, it's Mammy's goat it oot working ! In fact a wee bit Fertility Treatment and a multiple birth would go a long way to making you a mega earner ,, They need lots of stand-ins you see !! ,,Quite strict rules about how long the little darlings can work unfortunately ! It seems the Glesca Mammys are queuing up to put their new borns on the stage ,, the Soap Stage that is ,,, So, c'mon all you new Mammys ,,, get your wean spruced up and take it down to River City ,,, Just think, the wean's first words could be ,,, "Oh shite, Scarlett's gone and got hersel pregnant again !! "

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Phyl said...

Interesting - the idea of using baby actors in soaps - just yesterday Marcel asked me if women actresses in soaps had to get pregnant if their character was having a baby!