Monday, June 30, 2008

Whit ! Ye cannae Molicate onybody any mair ?

I had quite a wee turn this week ,,
There I was with both my wee Collins Scots Gem AND my new Concise Scots Dictionary but neither one could confirm the spelling of Molicate ,,, or is it Mollicate ?
Never in my wildest dreams did I consider I was using a Non-Word !
I checked again ,,, maybe I'd missed it ? ,,, maybe there was a page missing from my new dictionary ? Alas No ,,, the word simply doesn't exist !
What a load of old rubbish ,, of course it exists !
What a sad omission however ,,, I'll need to talk to the daughter ,, she can and does introduce new words into Collins dictionaries from time to time as the language evolves !!
But hey ! ,, I've been using Molicate / Mollicate ever since I was a lad so that makes it ,, ehmmm, not very new !
I did receive the usual "help" from Bill Gates' microsoft Spell check however .,,.
Bill threw in some great Red-Herring suggestions ,, worthy of a mention !
Could it be ,,,, he asks me, in the case of MOLICATE ,,,, Medicate, militate, motivate, implicate or foliate ???
Or if MOLLICATE ,,, I could try ,,, Emolliate, collocate or collimate as well as the above militate and motivate ????
My friend & former head English teacher, one William Dickie Esq. reflected on my molication ( of the opposition btw in a recent golf tournament ) and offered the following observations on possible etymologies:

MOLIFICARE (proto Latin) - to extirpate, demoralise, render into minute particles etc. Compression over time and elision.
MOLOCH -(cognate generalisation) - Semitic god to whom parents sacrificed their offspring and by extension v.t. (verb transitive) to destroy completely
MOLICATE- almost certainly the genuine article - a wee punter from Partick expostulating as he leaves the Locarno (probably circa early '50's) after his lumber has been appropriated by another male.

So there you go ,,, it definitely exists ,,, 'cause ah kin remember leaving the Locarno masel.

And if the daughter fails to get my word into her future dictionaries I may revert to using Willie's rather appropriate Moloch !!

Oh and of course you'll all know by now that this was simply another of my Mulligrumphs ,,
n, a complaint, lamentation,; freq in pl, a state of dissatisfaction, a fit of sulks 19, now Ork EC
vi, complain, grumble la 19
So there !

Footnote : Just learned the correct spelling is MOLOCATE ! although also acceptable are ,,,
molecate, mollicate, mollocate, malacate. ,,,, To beat up, batter.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Bloody Dentists ,, Bloody Teeth ,, Bloody Useless !

So I paid the wee bastard his £200 odd quid ,.,.
A week later I had the shiny new Plate complete with its 5- miserable little teeth ,,,
Oh it's a much better fit than that old thing you had, he says ,, it'll be much stronger too ,, modern materials are so much better ,,, Blah, bloody blah ,, blah blah ,,
Ha !
It's another week on and guess where the bloody plate is ?
Yeah, back in his miserable little Dental Practice for repair ,,, Broke biting on a ,,,, lump of bloody cheddar cheese no less ! Real bloody strong this new material !!
Glad I kept the Old Thing as a spare !
You've got such an unusually high palate he tells me .,., bone right along the centre ,,, very difficult, that tooth on the bite .,., blah, de bloody blah , blah blah ,,,
So I've told him ,,, get it fixed PDQ ,, get it strenghened ,,, and beware these words ,,,
Unfit for Purpose ! ,.,. Much like the bloody practicioner in this place I told him .,.,,
And watch out for my lawyer's letter !

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

He's only gone & done it again !

Yabadabadooooo ....
Another Seniors Trophy to the old man ....
Hey-hey, I've still got it ,,, ( and I can still use it ! oooh misses !! )

Scudder the golfer can still produce the goods :)
Yesterday I won the Seniors Committee Outing Day Trophy .,., a little competition we play for annually ,,, eligible to play are the current Committee members ( all 10 of us ) plus all past committee members & Captains, so there must have been ,,, oh, twelve of us !!
Anyway I was obviously inspired by watching Tiger get though the 4-days at Torry Pines in the US Open, to a play-off against the old timer, Rocco Mediate !
Or was it maybe getting my first haircut for some months ?
I wasn't sure if he'd gone on to win as he was playing same time as me ,,,
And I guess he wasn't sure if I'd won either ?
Anyway we both did the business in the end ....
I watched the highlights of his game later and I swear, .. the boy's putting is becoming almost as good as mine !!
But hey, he could still learn a thing or two about straight driving from yours truly :)