Friday, November 24, 2006

Bah, Humbug ,, !

So, this is Xmas ?
Hahahaha ,,, I've found a sympathetic ear ,, or something ?
Seems I've missed this for the past few years but there's a World Wide Day in my honour !
Well ok, maybe not MY honour but people like me who want a stop put to this Xmas spending nonsesnse we suffer every year ,.,.
It started out small ,, in the outbacks of Canada, but is now gathering support ,,, it's being celebrated now in more than 50 countries ,,, Ha ,,It's catching on ,, at last we have a following !
Watch out Santa ,,, we're coming to get you !!

Monday, November 20, 2006

It's True you know !

It IS true and a well kent fact to boot ,,,
"As soon as you make something idiot-proof, along comes another, new brand of idiot."
It happens in every walk of life too ,, Look at the morons who are now pursuing ASBO's like they are badges of honour ! ,.,. actually competing with one another to see who can get theirs first !! ,,, but mostly it's politicians ,.,. And of course the Law ,,
How about the boy(s) accused of murdering an innocent man walking home from the pub ,,, then for no reason the Crown Office reduce the charge to Manslaughter !!
This is 3 - young guys beating and kicking one old man to death in an unprovoked attack in the street ,,, then they let one of these idiots bugger off on hoiday to Bulgaria ?? As the son of the victim said ,, " How can the Justice system release a person accused of MURDER and then let them swan off on holiday. It's unreal. The Justice system has gone crazy ,, It's an outrage."
And who would disagree ?
So WHY is allowed to happen ?? What the hell is wrong with our politicians and judges ?
Oh, and incidentally, they got 9-years ,,, for this savage murder,,, Yeah, NINE whole years ,, and we all know what that means ,, the bastards will be out walking the streets looking for another victim in 4 !! And our law makers think this is JUSTICE ??
Jesus ... what world do they live in ?

Sunday, November 19, 2006

This would pleaase the Little Darlings for sure !

Well now, here's an idea ,,, who's time has perhaps come ?
I read this at first thinking it was a fun thought ,, someone having a giggle, but maybe, just maybe, this Prof has got it dead right ? It's certainly worth a try ,.,. might just improve our current Asbo seeking teen cult if they learned what they wanted to learn ?
Anyway I like this kind of "off the wall" lateral thinking !
Any of you Academics out there agree ??

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Don't you just love these modern day Highwaymen ?

Stand and Deliver !
Now it's bloody Scottish Power that are shafting us ,, yet again !
How can these buggers justify all the crippling rises they're putting on our bills and then come up with this kind of report ?
Oh, silly me ! I forgot, they're about to be "taken over" and so this report will ensure a higher price being paid and of course that in turn means the power company fat cats will now see their shares value rising thro' the roof ,.,.,. leaving them well able to afford any rises in their bills ,,,, with enough left over for the odd foreign holiday home, the Merc, etc,,,,
Again I would ask the SIMPLE question ,,, WHY is our Government allowing this daylight robbery ?

It was Inevitable of course

I know it's happened ,.,. I knew it was gonna happen ,, it was I suppose, inevitable ! Maybe it's an age thing that happens to us all sooner or later ,, or maybe it's the crass stupidity I'm surrounded by and have to listen to on a daily basis ,.,. but yeah, it's now firmly established in my psyche ,..,,. I AM a GRUMPY old man ! Hey, but proud of it ,,,, so no tears or sympathy please. Maybe just join me in condemning the seriously crazy buggers who are now all voice, in the UK in particular, but pretty well world wide too I guess ,.,.
I sited one example earlier with our stupidity over the general prison population.
I could go on ad nauseum and probably will ,,, I'll bore you all to tears .,,. but to site just a few examples of modern day silliness' ,, No not silliness but downright annoying, anger inducing stuff, I give you these ( just for starters you understand ! )
Ok, how about we start at the beginning ,,, Schools ,.,.,. The old 3-R's system of teaching with some disipline from the Teach seems to me to have produced a generation or three of reasonably intelligent adults with some respect for others ,.,. What have all the stupid changes since I left school been about ? And more importantly, what have they achieved ? We now have a huge majority of under-educated delinquents on our hands ,,, Apart from being near illiterate they now have "attitude" that would never have been allowed in my day. Ask any Cop in the street ( if you can find one on the street that is ! )
They ( the do-gooders that is ) took away the teachers, the parents, ( and the beat Polis' ) authority, left them unable to touch the little darlings and now we have total anarchy in the home, classroom and on the streets ,.,., Show me a teacher you know who doesn't want to get out ? Show me a Cop who isn't totally frustrated by the way they have been left toothless.
Then there's the Courts ,.,. Ha, talk about bloody jokes ,,,When last did you see a sentence that fitted the crime ? And now of course we also have this nonsense half time off jail sentences for ,,, eh, nothing ,,, other than because the jails are too full !
Why not use some of our unemployed, or parasite immigrants ( only those who work to get any kind of payments ?) , or even jailbirds themselves to build more jails ?
How can our law makers, lawyers and judges not see what everyone else in the country can see ?
But of course we've now got ASBO's !! Another bloody joke ,.,.,. it takes years of everyone's time and effort to get one of these actioned and then what do they do ,, they kick the offenders out ,,, yeah for a whole 3-months !! Wow ,,, what a waste of time ?
C'mon Scotland ,, waken up ,, time for the Silent Majority to stand up and be counted ?
Before it's too late ,.,.,.,.,.

Now I've REALLY heard it all !

Jesus Christ ! What is this country coming to ?
Now we're "settling out of court" with the scum of the earth ,,, I'm talking about these law breakers and ne'er do wells that we used to call prisoners in jail .,,.,. who used to get bread and water to survive on and deterrents administered so as not to offend again.
First we paid them because their sensibilities were damaged at having to slop-out .,,.
Now we're giving them money because they've got themselves banged up and we're keeping them away from their beloved Heroin !! Honest to God ,, this country is sick ,.,.
Why is this nonsense allowed ? What the hell is this Government doing sitting back and allowing this kind of stupidity to go on?
Any lawyer defending this kind of shite should be struck off.
Stop wasting the court's time I say ,, give the idiots all the bloody H they want ,,, preferably in over large dozes and save us the money in keeping the worthless bastards in jail, at our cost.
Time the silent majority in this country stood up to be counted before there's no country left.
Bring back the bread and water, the cat o' nine tails and all the rest ,, Let's clean up our country and get rid of the parasites ( both crooks and do-gooder versions )
And before you brand me a raving lunatic just ask the person sitting next to you in your office, any pub, golf club, public transport etc, and see how many agree with me.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

It's a hard life ,, being a Pumpa !

I've not had such a harrowing month since my weans were .,,.,. eh, well weans.
The worry of the wee man has really affected my every waking moment ,.,. and my sleeping moments too. I don't think I've had more than 4-straight hours since Phyl came home from NYC. Funny how things like that can really get to you ,.,. I thought my worries were over when my oldest wean came home alone from the Big Apple, but alas no, they were just beginning !
I think it's been the uncertainty of it ,, not knowing what it was / is ? ,,, I think our wee guy is finally on the mend ,, at least I sincerely hope so ,, I need my sleep ! ,.,.but it has certainly done one thing for me ,, it's re-enforced my belief ( and my father's before me ) that our Doctors are about as much in the dark today as they were in the days of Burke & Hare !
My old man had a wonderul medical code that he lived by ,, He told me ,,"if an Aspirin and a wee hauf doesn't cure it then it's probably terminal !" and as I've said before ,, he was absolutely spot-on ,,, He self-cured everything he ever had ,, right up 'till the day he died !!