Friday, November 24, 2006

Bah, Humbug ,, !

So, this is Xmas ?
Hahahaha ,,, I've found a sympathetic ear ,, or something ?
Seems I've missed this for the past few years but there's a World Wide Day in my honour !
Well ok, maybe not MY honour but people like me who want a stop put to this Xmas spending nonsesnse we suffer every year ,.,.
It started out small ,, in the outbacks of Canada, but is now gathering support ,,, it's being celebrated now in more than 50 countries ,,, Ha ,,It's catching on ,, at last we have a following !
Watch out Santa ,,, we're coming to get you !!

1 comment:

Phyl said...

cool pic. you shd go reread Skipping Christmas.