Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Urquhart Bloody Castle ! They can keep it.

Urquhart Castle sits beside Loch Ness in Scotland along the A82 road,
between Fort William and Inverness.
It is close to the village of Drumnadrochit.
Though extensively ruined, it was in its day one of the largest strongholds of medieval Scotland,
and remains an impressive structure, ( aye, wellll )
splendidly situated on a headland overlooking Loch Ness.
It is also near this castle that the majority of Nessie (Loch Ness Monster) sightings occur.

It's no' a bad wee bit of brickwork ,, albeit kinda run doon & in need of some TLC !
However it does have Major flaws ,,,
Since my last visit the Prices for entry to walk down a wee bit grass and look closer at this old ruin have gone thro' the bloody roof !
Some £7-20p for each adult and £4-50p per child !!
Our family outing would have cost us ( that's the 13-of us ) some £65-70p on a cold & rainy day .,.,
had we been daft enough to pay !
The only voices I heard coming or going in the direction of the castle ,,  (eh, the couple of walls left standing that is !) were Americans or Japanese funnily enough !
That's not all either .,.,., flaws # 2 & 3 coming up !
The bastards have planted a full row of trees ( small 'ish at the moment but quick growing I'll wager ! )
These are atop the wall with it's already interfering wire mesh, thus making life somewhat difficult / impossible for the would-be tourist Photographer.
This vandalism of our right to view what is a natural Scottish resource ( Loch Ness ) made me very angry indeed .,., with their notices of  " Do Not Stand On The Wall "
Aye right .,., just try stopping me !
Who do these people think they are ? 
If I want to look for Nessie in her Loch then I'll stand on them and their bloody wall if I feel like it !
The final insult was when one of youngsters needed the loo ...
On enquiring where the loo was we were told ,,"Inside !" and to visit would cost us £7-20p + £4-50p
That must be the most expensive pee in all Scotland .,.,
I can only assume the place is run by the English !
Anyway we let the little fella pee against their wall ,, poetic justice I thought ?
And we changed the wean 's nappy in the back of the car and promptly plonked the dirty nappy in their waste bin ,,, right outside the pay booth !!
A last look over my shoulder as we walked away clocked some 20-odd people on the wall snapping away with cameras !
I would urge all visitors to renege at paying this scandalous "fine" to look at our own country's natural landmarks ! Are y'all with me ??
Yo, A Result

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Bye bye Seve ...

Last night Seve finally lost the fight with that malignant tumour in his head . What a sad day for all of golf .
The wee man was a wizard on the golf courses of the world and will be so sadly missed ,,,especially by our Ryder Cup Team. He was inspirational as a Captain, a leader and a supporter.
And so young ,,, 54 is no age to go.
RIP Seve .,., I hope you get in some good rounds in that big Golf Course in the sky ! 

Who's a Happy Bunny Then ??

What a day ,, what a night ,,, what a brilliant victory !
We arra peepel !
Go Big Eck ... we're finally on the move to an Independent Scotland, but don't get rushed into it too soon. As if you would ,,
I haven't managed to get the smile off my face all day :-)
I look forward to seeing as many of the next 5-years as possible.
I know you and Team Scotland won't let us down .,.,
Now go GOVERN /.,.,., You de man .,.,YO