Monday, June 29, 2009

Poor Farrah's Gone

She died last week too.
Farrah Fawcett, the prettiest by far, best of Charlie's Angels and long time love of the prat Ryan O'Neal .,.,
She died same day as Michael, that strange wee boy man who sang & danced his life away behind a mask of plastic surgery, and hence she barely got a mention.
Well I'll mention you hen, you were a typical US child of the 60's with big hair and an even bigger smile ,, but hey you weren't a bad actress, and you deserved a better send off than you got.
Bon Voyage pet ,,,

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Damned Wind Turbines !

Have any of you travelled south recently on the M77 towards the coast .,., Troon, Ayr, direction ?
Who on earth gave planning permission to allow those bloody scenic destoying eyesores all over the Eaglesham moors ?
I need to know .,., because I'll certainly be VOTING AGAINST them, whoever they are, at the very next opportunity.
I used to think electricity pylons were an eyesore on the landscape ( hey, they were, & still are ) but these new abominations are even worse ,,, the constant movement and NOISE are so much harder to ignore !
And as for the power they generate ??? I'm sure we could all do without that one boiled kettle per day !
In our coming Independent Scotland I want to see these useless sops to the Greens removed & abolished.
Give us back our beautiful countrysides.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Step Parents

Our grandkids have a decidedly difficult, nay traumatic, night coming up .,., And it's tonight !
Their crazy father is about to introduce them to his new ( Chinese) bride !
ie, Their new Stepmother !!
This guy, who claims to love his kids above all else has "found" himself a new "love" via the Internet :0(
I truly hope it is true love, for his sake .,., The guy deserves to find a bit of peace & happiness. However I do worry for him.
But .,., He's known this woman for a very short period of time, spent no more than a few weeks in her company ( & only in her country ) and hasn't even introduced her & his children to one another ( in the flesh that is ! no doubt they have said hello "online" !!) before marrying her ???
Has he finally gone over the edge ? This seems quite mad ?? It really doesn't strike me as the act of a loving Dad .,.,
What if they don't get on ? How can this poor woman hope to look after 3-very different children ,, different ages, completely different personalities, different needs, etc, etc ,,, especially coming from a country where 1-child is the expected norm .,., No sibling interaction then to compare .,., no knowledge of our Western ways ?
Perhaps a visit (or five) pre marriage might have re-assured his fragile kids that Papa did indeed have his children's best interests at heart ?
I, along with their Granny and their real mother & step father will be keeping a very close eye on this situation, & make no mistake.