Monday, June 08, 2009

Step Parents

Our grandkids have a decidedly difficult, nay traumatic, night coming up .,., And it's tonight !
Their crazy father is about to introduce them to his new ( Chinese) bride !
ie, Their new Stepmother !!
This guy, who claims to love his kids above all else has "found" himself a new "love" via the Internet :0(
I truly hope it is true love, for his sake .,., The guy deserves to find a bit of peace & happiness. However I do worry for him.
But .,., He's known this woman for a very short period of time, spent no more than a few weeks in her company ( & only in her country ) and hasn't even introduced her & his children to one another ( in the flesh that is ! no doubt they have said hello "online" !!) before marrying her ???
Has he finally gone over the edge ? This seems quite mad ?? It really doesn't strike me as the act of a loving Dad .,.,
What if they don't get on ? How can this poor woman hope to look after 3-very different children ,, different ages, completely different personalities, different needs, etc, etc ,,, especially coming from a country where 1-child is the expected norm .,., No sibling interaction then to compare .,., no knowledge of our Western ways ?
Perhaps a visit (or five) pre marriage might have re-assured his fragile kids that Papa did indeed have his children's best interests at heart ?
I, along with their Granny and their real mother & step father will be keeping a very close eye on this situation, & make no mistake.

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