Monday, June 29, 2009

Poor Farrah's Gone

She died last week too.
Farrah Fawcett, the prettiest by far, best of Charlie's Angels and long time love of the prat Ryan O'Neal .,.,
She died same day as Michael, that strange wee boy man who sang & danced his life away behind a mask of plastic surgery, and hence she barely got a mention.
Well I'll mention you hen, you were a typical US child of the 60's with big hair and an even bigger smile ,, but hey you weren't a bad actress, and you deserved a better send off than you got.
Bon Voyage pet ,,,

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Phyl said...

She was mentioned in the press in one of the sick jokes I saw yesterday: Farrah died and went to heaven. God came out and said - Hiya Farrah - since you are one of the angels I will grant you one wish on entering heaven. Farrah selflessly replied. 'I want all the world's little children to be safe and happy', so God killed Michael!