Friday, December 01, 2006

Yer other National Drink .,,. Cheers Lottie

I've just seen the new ad for Oor other National Drink ,,, made fae Girders !
And it's a new version made obviously just for Lottie ,.,. my dear grandchild ,,
Even the Snowman has fallen under her spell ,.,. he's now the bad guy !!
Ho-Ho-Ho ,,,
Lots'll just love this guy.

Meet the New Kid on the Block !

Hey, as I was saying, Glockenspiel, schmockenspiel ,.,.but couldn't figure out how to add the picture to a comment on someone else's blog !
Meet Mr. Piano Man ,.,.., or Our Very Own ,,
Leon the Rhythm ,.,.

We Arra Peoppell right enough !

Ha ! BARELY five million people living in Scotland but estimates of those claiming a Scottish identity range from 40 to 80 million. Ha I say again ! ,,, Wha's like us ,,?
What makes all these foreign Scots want to belong I wonder ?
Apart from the fact that we are the sweetest, most loveable, friendly, happy folks with the best Whisky on the planet ?
Or is it that they all want a tartan ? A kilt maybe ? A Mac in front of their name ??
Tell you what though ,,, I hope they all don't want to come and stay !!!
As I might say ,,, Bugger Off ,, There's nae room !!

As I was saying ,,,

Even wee Calvin knows better than our legislators !
What does that tell us about our modern day society ?