Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hell hath no fury ,, like a Doctor divorced !

Richard Batista wants his kidney back ! .,., or at least the next best thing .,., $1.5M
Doc Batista from New York, didn't just give his wife his heart when they married.
In 2001 the love sick Doc gave his beloved one of his kidneys when she was dying of renal failure. However, Mrs. B is now fighting fit again and demanding a divorce and the good Doc says it's payback time ! ( ya bitch ? )
The story is probably a little more complex than the recent brief news article suggests but it does give us this terrible warning :
Isn't a society in which everything is reduced to a mere commodity hopelessly lost and degraded ?
Aye and so say all of us !
Old Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice comes to mind but hey, I'm keeping an eye on this one to see if the good Doc gets back his organ !! :-)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Who ARE these people ?

Found this nonsense in a newspaper article this morning .,.,
Reporting on the sad death of three fishermen from a capsized boat, it said .,.,.,
"The three men might have been saved if they'd been wearing a lifejacket or Personal Floatation Device ( PFD )" I ask you ,, ? a personal floatation devi ce !! a whit ?
Who are the idiots that come up with such shite .,., ?
and more importantly, who lets them away with it ??
If you were the editor of said newspaper and your reporter came up with those words would you not just fire him ??
I'm so fed up with this rubbish .,.,
I'm starting a movement right now to rid us of all this kind of stupidity .,.,
Anything of this nature that I see from now on I will ridicule mercilessly .,.,
and write to the editor in charge.
Who wants to join my gang ?

Monday, July 13, 2009


Watched the so called "Scottish Open" from somewhere down the Bonnie Banks over the last few days .,., I refuse to give the sponsor of this event any mention whatsoever since all they have done is devalue what little money I had.
Similarly I refuse to mention the venue itself since they won't allow the normal, average Scottish golfer to play their precious course ,,, well those of us who won't / can't put up the £50 grand joining fee !!
So needless to say they can shove their bit of parkland .,.,
The lack of turn out by the world's best players should also tell them a little something about their exclusivity ?

Anyway on to the real Open ,, later this week the world will be watching as the best golfers ( that's the very best ) in the world take on my favourite course .,., The brilliant Turnberry Ailsa .,.,
THE British Open comes back to town ! ( and anyone who knows my political views knows how much it hurts me to decry the Scottish ! )
However, I'm a golfer first and a political animal way after that ,,, And Turnberry DOES let us plebs play ,, on all their courses, and for a much more reasonable price. ( As it happens I'm lucky & have a rich member friend who takes me on with his concession tickets .,., but even without him I could play the best Links in Scotland ) so Loch Lomond ,, read & learn !
Without doubt too, Turnberry is by far the superior course, a true test of the proper, original Scottish game .,.,., Links golf is real golf, golf in the raw, as it should be ,, sadly all courses are not by the sea !
This week promises to be the best week's TV viewing for a long time .,., with a little luck we may even end up with a Scottish or Brit winner ? I will not predict who but I will say ,, it won't be the Tiger ,, good as he undoubtedly is, he can't play proper Links golf and that's a fact !
Take your pick from .,., Poulter, Westwood, McIlroy, the Saltman boys, but if long prayers are answered ,, then Colin ,,, let's stick it to them big man and finally get that major Monkey off your back ? Please ...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Glesca Tour ( East End Definitive Version )

The Beloved's long lost "pal" from Oz paid us a visit today .,., They last met while still at school .,., so only a mere 49 years between meets !! But hey ! What's time between feiends ?
The Oz chick and her new Bidie-in, old John ( and from the looks of him, the long suffering John,) were a hoot.
She was originally a wee Glesca lassie but after nearly 50-years in the land of the Sheila she's now yer classic rubber-neck Ozzie burd !
Calls a spade a F***ing shovel ? ( and the rest ?! ).,., with the obligatory question mark at the end of every sentence ?
She wanted to go see her old home, school etc ,, so we gave her the definitive East end Glesca tour .,., Wheeeeeee up, up & away we go ...
Starting at her Cousin's house in rural Giffnock in the salubrious South side we headed over to Rutherglen ( the Royal Borough .,., Ha, have you been to Ru'glen recently ? ) then on up into Parkheid, out Westmuir St., into Shettleston and beyond, towards the notorious Bar-L .,., and without any armed out-riders !! Brave or what ? ( Aye ok that'll be what ! )
We showed her her old Parkheid haunts .,., her school ,, sorry, The Academy ( Eastbank as was ) in Shettleston ,, or did Eastbank come under Sandyhills mibbie ??
Well it WAS an Academy after all !! Alas now a tired looking "Offices To Let" block :-( stuck in the middle of a bloody roundabout no less !
Onward and upward along Gartocher Rd, up Hallhill Rd, and into the ghetto that was, and still is, the dreaded Bar-L.
It has changed in the past 40-odd years of course, but for the better ?? Mmmmm ....
Wellll ,,, the houses look a little less prison-like these days but it still seems like a place better passed thro', & rather quickly .,.,., We located the site of the old Gang Fights ,, the square of field where the Bar-L and the Easterhouse brain dead held pre-arranged pitch battles with Chains, knives, belts and hammers .,., yeah Hammers ! How the crazy bastards didn't kill one another I'll never know )
Eyes followed us thro' the streets of our youth ..,, We felt, rather than actually heard the Jungle Drums beating out our presence .,., The Italian Stallion that is my Alfa Romeo seemed just a tad out of place at my old front door ! But we survived and made it back to freedom .,.,
We headed home via Barrachnie, Tollcross, Gallowgate, and the Barras before finally taking shelter & comfort in my South side Golf Club for some early afternoon food & drinkies ,,,
Boy do these Ozzie's like their BEER !!!