Sunday, January 27, 2008

Is it no' time our Judges & Sheriffs were sent on a "Social Awareness course ?"

A story from the morning paper. ( with my comments in brackets )

Driver admits running over graffiti vandal :
A MAN ran over a vandal who wrote "Welcome to Hell" on his fence and smashed his van's window, a court heard yesterday.
Stephen Armstrong, 47, said he intended to give the culprit a fright after he also threatened him with a knife and baton when he confronted him about the vandalism.
( Give him a fright !! I'd have wanted to give the bastard a bit more than a bloody fright if he threatened me with a baton or a knife ! )
But, the High Court in Glasgow was told, the electrician lost control of his van when he mounted the pavement and ran over the 22-year-old, smashing his leg and collar bone and leaving him with a punctured lung.
( Lost control my arse, but if that's what your lawyer needs you to say then fine ! But from me ,, WELL DONE ,.,. I say, GOOD ON YE MATE ,,, it's time the silent majority of us stood up and hit back at the scum in our society. )
Armstrong, a father of eight, ( Christ you've been a busy boy, surprised you had time to get up and chase anybody ! ) of Southpark Village, Glasgow, admitted assaulting his victim, who cannot be named, to the danger of his life.
He will be sentenced next month.
( And lets hope this time that the Judge sees sense and lets him off. )
The full article contains 129 words and appears in The Scotsman newspaper.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Kevin Spacey

I know I've said it before ,.,. but let me say it again ,, this guy Spacey must be one the best actors ever to come out ( or go in ! ) to Hollywood ,.,. either that OR ,, he's dead lucky ?
He may just have a good eye for a brilliant script and excellent co-star actors ,, but I give him more credit than that ,, he simply never appears in a bad movie.
And what a performance he turns in ,.,., watched him again last night ( against my better judgement too, starting at 11pm ! ) But it kept my attention right to the end ( 2-am and me with a golf match at 9 !! ) He played The Negotiator in a ripping police yarn and he was the man ,,, very, very believable in his part ( again ) ,.,. I think that's his secret ,, somehow he's able to get right into his role ,,, he becomes the person he's playing ,, gets right to the very soul and under the skin of his character ,.,.
Me, I'd give the guy the Oscar EVERY year .,,. just fantastic.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

All's well that ends well

My beloved has now, finally, received the result of her chest X-ray ,.., and after only a 4-week wait :( As I said before, it's NHS medicine Jim but not as we know it !!

Anyway, after worrying for these final 4-weeks we now have a "normal" chest ??

We're not sure if that's good or bad, since we've tried all our lives not to be normal ; however we assume "normal"means all is clear & all is well !

So, after 6 of the worst months of her life my dearest darling woman seems ok again, well pretty well on the road to recovery anyway ,,,, we've had anti B's on numerous occasions ; we've had blood tests, urine tests, kidney, liver checks ; blood pressure, blood count ,,, she even knows her cholesteral is ok ! ,.,. you name it she's had it ,.,. the one thing she hasn't actually had however is ,,, she's still no nearer to knowing from what illness she suffered ?

So much for doctoring ,.,.., they don't seem to have improved much in real terms since the days of Burke & Hare as far as I can see.
Certainly they're nowhere near the expertise of "Bones McCoy" on the Starship Enterprise :)
Roll on the Starship NHS.

PS : 25th. Jan. Now I know she's definitely on the mend ,.,.
Her sense of humour is back with a bang !
Last night after my Burns Supper at the golf club my old mate Smackmaknee ( sober ) ran
me home and decided to have a wee whisky or three, so necessitating a sleep-over.
Musing to himself whether or not to phone his live-in son or not? ( he'll be thinking
I've got myself a woman or something if I stay out again. )
Quick as a flash herself lifted the 'phone, "I'll phone him if you like, she said, that glint back
in the eye ,,, tell him you've pulled and won't be home eh ?
Oh yeah, she's back !!