Wednesday, January 09, 2008

All's well that ends well

My beloved has now, finally, received the result of her chest X-ray ,.., and after only a 4-week wait :( As I said before, it's NHS medicine Jim but not as we know it !!

Anyway, after worrying for these final 4-weeks we now have a "normal" chest ??

We're not sure if that's good or bad, since we've tried all our lives not to be normal ; however we assume "normal"means all is clear & all is well !

So, after 6 of the worst months of her life my dearest darling woman seems ok again, well pretty well on the road to recovery anyway ,,,, we've had anti B's on numerous occasions ; we've had blood tests, urine tests, kidney, liver checks ; blood pressure, blood count ,,, she even knows her cholesteral is ok ! ,.,. you name it she's had it ,.,. the one thing she hasn't actually had however is ,,, she's still no nearer to knowing from what illness she suffered ?

So much for doctoring ,.,.., they don't seem to have improved much in real terms since the days of Burke & Hare as far as I can see.
Certainly they're nowhere near the expertise of "Bones McCoy" on the Starship Enterprise :)
Roll on the Starship NHS.

PS : 25th. Jan. Now I know she's definitely on the mend ,.,.
Her sense of humour is back with a bang !
Last night after my Burns Supper at the golf club my old mate Smackmaknee ( sober ) ran
me home and decided to have a wee whisky or three, so necessitating a sleep-over.
Musing to himself whether or not to phone his live-in son or not? ( he'll be thinking
I've got myself a woman or something if I stay out again. )
Quick as a flash herself lifted the 'phone, "I'll phone him if you like, she said, that glint back
in the eye ,,, tell him you've pulled and won't be home eh ?
Oh yeah, she's back !!

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