Thursday, January 24, 2008

Kevin Spacey

I know I've said it before ,.,. but let me say it again ,, this guy Spacey must be one the best actors ever to come out ( or go in ! ) to Hollywood ,.,. either that OR ,, he's dead lucky ?
He may just have a good eye for a brilliant script and excellent co-star actors ,, but I give him more credit than that ,, he simply never appears in a bad movie.
And what a performance he turns in ,.,., watched him again last night ( against my better judgement too, starting at 11pm ! ) But it kept my attention right to the end ( 2-am and me with a golf match at 9 !! ) He played The Negotiator in a ripping police yarn and he was the man ,,, very, very believable in his part ( again ) ,.,. I think that's his secret ,, somehow he's able to get right into his role ,,, he becomes the person he's playing ,, gets right to the very soul and under the skin of his character ,.,.
Me, I'd give the guy the Oscar EVERY year .,,. just fantastic.

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