Sunday, January 27, 2008

Is it no' time our Judges & Sheriffs were sent on a "Social Awareness course ?"

A story from the morning paper. ( with my comments in brackets )

Driver admits running over graffiti vandal :
A MAN ran over a vandal who wrote "Welcome to Hell" on his fence and smashed his van's window, a court heard yesterday.
Stephen Armstrong, 47, said he intended to give the culprit a fright after he also threatened him with a knife and baton when he confronted him about the vandalism.
( Give him a fright !! I'd have wanted to give the bastard a bit more than a bloody fright if he threatened me with a baton or a knife ! )
But, the High Court in Glasgow was told, the electrician lost control of his van when he mounted the pavement and ran over the 22-year-old, smashing his leg and collar bone and leaving him with a punctured lung.
( Lost control my arse, but if that's what your lawyer needs you to say then fine ! But from me ,, WELL DONE ,.,. I say, GOOD ON YE MATE ,,, it's time the silent majority of us stood up and hit back at the scum in our society. )
Armstrong, a father of eight, ( Christ you've been a busy boy, surprised you had time to get up and chase anybody ! ) of Southpark Village, Glasgow, admitted assaulting his victim, who cannot be named, to the danger of his life.
He will be sentenced next month.
( And lets hope this time that the Judge sees sense and lets him off. )
The full article contains 129 words and appears in The Scotsman newspaper.

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