Friday, February 01, 2008

Don't get me started either !

I'll give you Grumpy Old Men so a will ,, don't get me started boy !
I've decided to follow in the footsteps of writer Mitchell Symons,
and of course our very own Rab C. Nesbitt !
So, every week or so I'm gonna give you a little bullet about something that really annoys me !
Bet you can hardly wait ?

OK here goes ,,
#1 on my list are the people on TV who've never been to school ,..,,. well I suppose they must have visited the old education establishment at some point but patently they never learned anything on the GRAMMAR front !
You know who I mean ,,, the " I seen and I done " brigade ,.,.., football pundits are the #1 offenders, but there are many, many more ,.,. just listen :(
Arghhhhhhhhhh ...... GET THEM OFF MY SCREEN !


Phyl said...

what - footie commentators?

Scudder said...

Mainly but not only them ,,,
Just listen and you'll hear them ,,
I done this or I seen that ,, drives mother & me stark, staring bonkers !