Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Old People ? Not us !

Pudge & I went for a walk today with the girls ,, my wife, daughter and almost brand new little grand-daughter ; Pudge's Granny, Mother and wee sister that is !
We strolled around the East Kilbride shopping mall. It was a Monday afternoon ,.,.
Strange things when paired together, shopping malls and Monday afternoons.
What a pity I didn't have my camera with me ! Again !!
You can have great fun just geri-crumble spotting ,.,. It's all you see ,.,. old folks, all sorts of varieties, from the real dottery old foggies through the tired and worldly weary to the pseudo- trendy ,.,. Oh and of course there's also a smattering of young ne'er-do-wells who should obviously be in school but are too busy perfecting their group hoodie wearing skills with their scruffy, dirty unwashed & bored look !
The old folks are by far the best watching subjects however.
I had trouble at times deciding who was with whom ,,, the old wifie wandering aimlessly looking in shop windows while this seemingly unrelated old guy with walking stick or sometimes even zimmer tagged along, but some way behind ,, a bit like Philip forever gazing at Lizzie's arse end. Only when the old dear stopped did it become apparent that here was a pair ,..,
Then there was the 75-year old guy ( if he was a day ) with his dyed blond receding hair line complete with pony-tail that any old horse would have been proud of ! He wore that with a motor-biker type leather jacket and would you believe Caterpillar boots ,, you know, the light yellowy coloured things ,.,. Honest he did ( now you see why I needed the camera ? ) The old lady he was with was actually having great trouble keeping up for he was obviously her toy-boy !!
A further selection of assorted, decrepit old souls were to be found simply passing their time away ,, waiting, you felt, on the call from that big Store Manager in the sky ,,, C'mon UP !!
They all seemed so OLD ,,,, what on earth was I doing there among them, I worried ???
However I consoled myself and my wife, and the daughter too .....
I told us all that real old folks are ALWAYS at least 10-15 years older than we are at ANY given time in our lives !!
Everyone seemed happy with this explanation ,.., except little Anna, who gave me a very odd look on this announcement. Pudge played possum all afternoon and saw nothing !


Phyl said...

the very reason i bought a mob phone with a decent enough camera for blogging shopping trips!

Scudder said...

But you didn't !

Phyl said...

you didn't ask me to!