Friday, February 15, 2008

Another pet hate !

All Politicians !

This is not just a pet bone of contention with no real depth to it .,,.

Rather it's a conclusion based on a lifetime of watching, listening and reading ,..,,. even talking to the buggers and writing to them expressing my opinions !!

They lie, they cheat, they misuse their power, they prevaricate, they sit back and let the bloody do-gooder brigade and the ethnic minorities run all over them .,,.,. now here I will go against all my gut instincts and say NOT all of them, but certainly 99% of them ,.,. they are in it simply for what they can get out of it ,, ie, only their own ends or put another way,, to line their own pockets ,,, Cynic ? Moi ?
Ok then, you try getting an honest answer out of any of them ! And that's not all ,,, they are dangerous ,.,. they can cause a fight in an empty house ,.,.

The old addage holds good to this day ,, anyone expressing a wish to go into politics should forever be banned from doing so !

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