Tuesday, November 07, 2006

It's a hard life ,, being a Pumpa !

I've not had such a harrowing month since my weans were .,,.,. eh, well weans.
The worry of the wee man has really affected my every waking moment ,.,. and my sleeping moments too. I don't think I've had more than 4-straight hours since Phyl came home from NYC. Funny how things like that can really get to you ,.,. I thought my worries were over when my oldest wean came home alone from the Big Apple, but alas no, they were just beginning !
I think it's been the uncertainty of it ,, not knowing what it was / is ? ,,, I think our wee guy is finally on the mend ,, at least I sincerely hope so ,, I need my sleep ! ,.,.but it has certainly done one thing for me ,, it's re-enforced my belief ( and my father's before me ) that our Doctors are about as much in the dark today as they were in the days of Burke & Hare !
My old man had a wonderul medical code that he lived by ,, He told me ,,"if an Aspirin and a wee hauf doesn't cure it then it's probably terminal !" and as I've said before ,, he was absolutely spot-on ,,, He self-cured everything he ever had ,, right up 'till the day he died !!

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Phyl said...

he's definitely more naughty today if that helps - he emptied a cupboard, throwing pasta and packets of soup all over the floor while grinning