Friday, June 27, 2008

Bloody Dentists ,, Bloody Teeth ,, Bloody Useless !

So I paid the wee bastard his £200 odd quid ,.,.
A week later I had the shiny new Plate complete with its 5- miserable little teeth ,,,
Oh it's a much better fit than that old thing you had, he says ,, it'll be much stronger too ,, modern materials are so much better ,,, Blah, bloody blah ,, blah blah ,,
Ha !
It's another week on and guess where the bloody plate is ?
Yeah, back in his miserable little Dental Practice for repair ,,, Broke biting on a ,,,, lump of bloody cheddar cheese no less ! Real bloody strong this new material !!
Glad I kept the Old Thing as a spare !
You've got such an unusually high palate he tells me .,., bone right along the centre ,,, very difficult, that tooth on the bite .,., blah, de bloody blah , blah blah ,,,
So I've told him ,,, get it fixed PDQ ,, get it strenghened ,,, and beware these words ,,,
Unfit for Purpose ! ,.,. Much like the bloody practicioner in this place I told him .,.,,
And watch out for my lawyer's letter !

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