Tuesday, June 17, 2008

He's only gone & done it again !

Yabadabadooooo ....
Another Seniors Trophy to the old man ....
Hey-hey, I've still got it ,,, ( and I can still use it ! oooh misses !! )

Scudder the golfer can still produce the goods :)
Yesterday I won the Seniors Committee Outing Day Trophy .,., a little competition we play for annually ,,, eligible to play are the current Committee members ( all 10 of us ) plus all past committee members & Captains, so there must have been ,,, oh, twelve of us !!
Anyway I was obviously inspired by watching Tiger get though the 4-days at Torry Pines in the US Open, to a play-off against the old timer, Rocco Mediate !
Or was it maybe getting my first haircut for some months ?
I wasn't sure if he'd gone on to win as he was playing same time as me ,,,
And I guess he wasn't sure if I'd won either ?
Anyway we both did the business in the end ....
I watched the highlights of his game later and I swear, .. the boy's putting is becoming almost as good as mine !!
But hey, he could still learn a thing or two about straight driving from yours truly :)

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