Saturday, May 31, 2008

You need hands ! or ( Half the hands, half the fun ? )

Just watched a guy on "Millionaire" tonight ,, a repeat showing of one of the earlier shows from late 2000. Asked by Tarrent about his occupations over the years ,,, he said he was once ,..,
wait for this ,,, a "wringer outer for a one armed window washer",, Isn't that a cracker ?
Christ, but some folk do have fun in their working lives ! That's got to be the best description of a job I've ever heard !
The poor bugger got to £64,000 and had a go at the £125,000 question ,, seemed quite sure of his answer too ... but sadly he was WRONG ! Ouch ... !!
Still, for a wringer outer for a one armed window washer, I guess £32 grand is a useful wee lift ?
Btw, what would EVER make you take up a job as a window washer if you only had one arm ?
Apart from the wringin' oot ,,, what does he use to hold on to the ladder ???

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