Sunday, May 04, 2008

She WAS the best mum in the world ! But what now ???

Oh dearie me,
I've gone and knocked her off her pedestal ,.,.
Up until about 2 hours ago she WAS the best Mum in our world ,,,
But what now ? ,,, I dropped her prized trophy ,, the one given to her by the best daughter in our world ,,, OK, the ONLY daughter ,, but still the best !
It slipped out of my hand and onto the wooden floor ,,, maybe fitted carpets should be re-considered at the onset of old age ?
Maybe the only daughter will put her back on her pedestal ???
( You KNOW what I mean here Phyl ,,,, get me off the hook ,, please ? ,.,. buy her another one for God's sake )
Christ, the things that are sent to try us !!
But at least I hadn't washed the damned boiled egg out of it .... :o)

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