Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Time to get it all off my chest.( a weekly rant is coming )

I've decided that in my old age I'm getting far too ratty, too intense, too angry, too intolerant.
I have too much rage within me to be healthy ,,,, apparently it's embarrassing at times too, to friends & family.
So, I'm just going to, one last time, write down every single thing that upsets me, annoys me, causes my blood pressure to rise and/or generally gets me down.
That way I can (maybe) finally just let it go and be happy again ,, enjoy all that life has to offer ( which is much ! so why waste it in a constant state of annoyance & anger )
Why should I let all this stuff fester inside ( or outside ) me and cause me actual bodily harm ,, for it's bound to in the end isn't it ?,, so therefore once committed to paper this last time that's it ,, I'm letting it all go ,,, onward I go to pastures new & greener.
( or like Buzz Lightyear .. To infinity & beyond ? )
Ok, so here goes ,,, but wait, this list may well run to quite a few days ,, or possibly weeks ,, hopefully not months ,, but who knows ? Maybe I should simply publish and re-visit it on a weekly basis with updates !! Yeah, that's the plan ,,,, TBC and re-visited ,,, often !
Please realise there can be no particular or specific order to this ,.,. it'll come as it comes !!

Firstly then, there is the complete incompetence of our ( and everyone else's ) politicians ,, ipsofacto governments, that band of special men & women who want to run our lives the way THEY see fit ,, these include small town & county councillors, all the way thro' to local & central MP's, Euro MP's and on to so called world leaders !
Christ give us strength ! Why can't these imbeciles ever see what the rest of can see with our eyes wide shut ? I guess it's more important for them to make fast bucks for themselves than to actually serve the people who elected them ?
One last time I say ,, anyone who expresses a desire to enter Politics should be automatically banned for life from actually doing so !

Then there's The Law ,,, I can't make any sense of the completely inadequate sentences passed down to today's criminals ,, nor the crazy parole arrangements ,, get 10 years ,, serve maybe as much as 41/2 and live in comfort while inside all that time !,.,. even get to sue us ( the taxpayers ) for making you slop-out or not being treated to your satisfaction.
When oh when is the pendulum going to swing back ? Get rid of the bloody do-gooders and maybe then we'll get back to proper treatment of the scum in our society ,, criminals should be PUNISHED !

I wonder too what it was we ( parents of my age ) did so wrong in bringing up our kids that todays parents do everything completely opposite to common sense ,.,. why can't they understand that small kids DO actually need some discipline from time to time ,.,. it really didn't do them any harm ,.,. only these same bloody do-gooders have convinced them that to smack a we'an's wee arse when necessary is an act of evil brutality ! Bollocks I say.
And the reason we now have a Nation of teen hoodies and street corner junkies is of course that they don't have any home parents ,, mothers are so much better at bringing up their kids than paid nannies ,,, society started to go wrong when women's salaries were allowed to be added to men's to count towards mortgages ,,,
And of course when we told the local Bobby he could no longer cuff the ear of cheeky kids, school teachers they couldn't control their classrooms anymore ,,, no belt, no detention, no lines ,,, no fear of teacher ,, result ? ill educated hoodlums ,,
I've said it before & no doubt will again ,, " You get what you allow "

Next I turn my wrath on the uglyfying of our beautiful country ,, take for example Electricity Pylons ,.,. what numpty allowed that disfiguring of our countryside ? And what have our politicians learned from these monstrocities ?? Nothing obviously ! ,, for now they want to blot the landscape with even uglier ( and noisy ) bloody wind generators ...

When did the world get taken over by Poofs I wonder ? Why is everything on TV lorded over by these queer people ? We used to lock them up ,.,. they are NOT normal ,, no matter how PC it might be nowadays to say they are ,, It is IMPOSSIBLE to pro-create by Jobby-Jabbing so why are these oddities allowed to shove their vile habits down our throats ,, constantly ?

Now Dentists ,,, how come we get Free prescriptions, free bus passes etc, when we become OAP's but NO FREE dental treatment ,, ? You can't even get decent priced NHS treatment anymore ,, that's if you can actually find an NHS dentist ! ( why was that allowed to happen ? )What makes them special ? I checked online how much I should be charged on the NHS by my dentist for a replacement denture with 5-teeth on it ,,, £68 was the price.
I printed it off and took it to his surgery.
The wee shit said the NHS denture was rubbish and below his "minimum standards" ,, he simply refused to do it ,, his lowest priced NHS option is £173 !! Little bastard thinks his NHS patients should pay for his new BMW obviously ..
Time these people too were reminded that they exist to help the patient, and MUST ( by law ) do NHS work when requested ,,, not just line their own pockets.

Education ? Going down the pan because we encourage the payment of vast sums of money to so called Celebs and football players with ( generally ) not a brain cell between them. These people should not be given a penny 'till they can at least pass the 11+

Religion ,,,? The CAUSE of every conflict on earth ,, now and past.
Should be outlawed forever !

Football ,,, whatever happened to proper attacking footie ? The beautiful game went pear shaped when coaches, ( no strike that daft expression ,, they were Managers ) did away with the team configuration which defined the game ,, this was a 2/3/5 set-up ,,,, 2- full backs, 3- half backs and 5- forwards ,, ie, two wingers, two inside forwards and a centre forward ! It seems that today's managers are so frightened to lose that the game has degenerated into a boring ritual of sideways and backwards passes .,,.,. Only the Brazilians still remember the real game !

And talking football of course brings me to one of the most annoying of my pet hates ,, that of the grammar-less TV pundits, commentators et al. I have absolutely no time for the "I seen and I done" brigade. Where the hell were these people when the rest of us went to school ?? It really annoys me that the BBC, STV and Sky employ these morons and let them loose on young ears to do untold damage. And particularly the BBC because they charge ME for the bloody privilege ! So, I've decided to NAME & SHAME the ignorant ones !

First up we have the otherwise likeable Champagne Charlie ( Nicholas ) but his lack of grammatical correctness just does my head ( and ears ) in ! ( and yeah I know it's bad form to end a sentence with a preposition, thanks very much ! ) Then there's Pat Nevin ,,,,The list just goes on & on ,,, And of course there's my wee Tuesday night pal Con Sharkey ( but there's a good reason for his grammar ,,, he went to the Catholic school where most of the ex-pupils are taught bad ( Irish nun ) grammar.

And how come nowadays that when a news item on TV requires a comment by a member of the public it's ALWAYS a black face that gives it ?? Correct me if I'm wrong but Britain used to be a WHITE country with a few foreign immigrants ? When did we become the second citizens in our own country ? And while I'm at it who let all these bloody Mosques be built here ,,, I don't see any Churches of Scotland in Muslim lands !!

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