Friday, April 04, 2008

A few wee crackers from today's newspaper

Ultimate putdown :
OUR dog tales subject reminded a learned friend of the Glasgow police court in the sixties when a bailie, nicknamed Budgie for his rapid-fire delivery, told the owner of a troublesome dog that she would have to control it, and ended by giving her, as he put it, "the usual statutory warning".
He spoke so fast the dog-owner didn't catch it, and she fainted when she asked the clerk of the court what he said, and the clerk replied: "Yer dug's getting shot on Saturday morning."

Staking the obvious
READERS were quite taken with Radio Scotland's report on the fire at the abattoir in Turrif which stated that "no animals were hurt in the fire".
"Just what did the BBC think they were at the abattoir for?" they wondered.

Granny bond :
WE overhear a harassed mother coping with her young daughter at the shops when the young one told her mum: "Granny's nicer to me than you are."
The mother wasn't in the least bit fazed, as she replied: "That's her jobe."

Cold comfort :
SCIENTIST Malcolm Watson held a demonstration at Wonderama, as part of the Edinburgh Science Festival yesterday, to show kids how to make the "coldest ice cream on the planet" using liquid nitrogen.
Malcolm tells us that despite the exciting experiments going on in front of them, there's always one kid who's more interested in asking:
"When you went bald, did it hurt?"

Home truth :
A Dad tells us his teenage daughter had left school and was applying for a job to tide her over before going to college. Under "previous employment" he encouraged her to put "babysitting", to show that she at least had a work ethic.
When he was checking the form for her later, he noticed that after putting in babysitter, the form asked "reason for leaving", and his daughter had written:
"They came home."

Bad timing :
"I managed to make love for an hour and five minutes non-stop at the weekend,"
said the chap in the bar proudly.
"But I later discovered that the clocks had gone forward an hour."
( Hahaha ,,, my big pal was impressed wi' the 5-minutes ! )

Couldn't give a dram :
Linguistic misunderstandings.
Garth Foster from Ayr was in a club in London after a harrowing day and asked for a "double malt whisky".
"Sorry, sir," replied the barmaid. "We only have single malts."

Court controversy
STORIES you wish you had read.
Mohamed al Fayed, stood up at the £7m Diana inquest yesterday and shouted: "April Fool!"
He then added: "You didn't really think I thought the Duke of Edinburgh ordered her murder, did you?"
NO, we're just joshing.
What actually happened yesterday at the inquest was that Lord Justice Scott Baker picked up an envelope from the table, removed three cards from it and read out:
"Henri Paul, with the Mercedes Benz, in the tunnel."

And finally ,,, Anyone who goes to a psychiatrist ought to have his head examined.

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