Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I knew it ,, just bloody knew it !

£760,000 pay-off for Northern Rock chief.
The golden goodbye for Adam Applegarth, the former head of Northern Rock !
Another bloody reward for failure.
Jesus, what is the matter with this stupid world ?
How do these people get away with it ?
If only I'd been a bit more of a wanker and not so much of a worker, maybe I'd have convinced that wee Yankee bastard owner of MSA to pay me off handsomely too ?
As it was, I'd like to put it on record (again) that the little shit robbed me of what was rightfully my full redundancy money, and to my dying day I'll keep my fingers crossed that he rots in Hell.

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Phyl said...

i´ve watched 13 years of redundancies - the worker always gets it - new year´s resolution is therefore to not work hard if I go back ;-)