Tuesday, April 15, 2008

See these little bloody Hitlers !

Cheeky, uppity, wee bastards ,,, that's my considered opinion of these little shitfaces that patrol Glasgow ( and no doubt all other ) airports these days.
Somebody gave the idiots a UNIFORM ,,, and by God they're gonna use it !!
Glasgow airport authority of course are the real culprits ,, well them or the bloody Gestapo polis we now have running our "Home Security" .,,.,. Ha, just an excuse for behaving like Hitler's SS.
You can't park now, even in the drop-off parking area ,, for two bloody minutes and miles away from their precious airport terminal, to pick up a tired mother, pulling a heavy suitcase and pushing her baby in a pram ,,, honest to God ,, what IS this country coming to ?
"You can't wait here," the small, overbearingly officious little nerd told me ,,,
"Why no' says I ,,, I've arranged with my daughter to meet me here ,, you don't have a Pick-Up point ,, so here it is !"
"You can park free now in Car Park 2 ,,, for 10-minutes ",, he said ,,
I couldn't help myself ,, I laughed in his wee smug face ,, that didn't help I'm sure ! ,,
" What " says I ,, "A whole 10-minutes ,, Wow ! And your 'planes arrive so exactly on time too ,,,
Don't be so bloody daft ,, 10-minutes to collect a passenger from this airport ,, I'd have to be in and out of there every 10-minutes ( no, make that 8 ,,, 10 & you'd be along to book me no doubt ! ) for at least an hour ,,, makes no sense whatsoever ,,"
"I don't make the rules sur" he said ,,, "but either you move your vehicle ,,( note that ,, not my car ,, my bloody vehicle ,, you know then that you're talking to a mechanically activated wart don't you ? ) or I call the police ,, "
So I moved ! ,,, went round again ,.,. when I got back he had moved on ,,, so I parked again ,,,
I got fully two minutes this time before one of the said Gestapo arrived on his super-duper motorbike ( or should I say two-wheeled-vehicle ? ) This one wouldn't even entertain talking to me ,,, couldn't hear what I was protesting about for all the paraphernalia attached to the over-large helmut on his napper ,,
I moved on ,,, as "instructed" ,.,.
Who do these people think they are ,,, or have I missed something ,,
Are we, in fact, now living in a Police State right enough ?
Last time I checked WE, the people , pay these bastards wages ,,, to serve US, to look after OUR country, NOT terrorise ordinary people going about their daily business.
Time they were reminded of this !
And as for this nonsense at airports ,, it's way beyond time they sorted a proper pick up arrangement ,,, a free 1/2 hour minimum if they want to have any passengers left at all.

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