Monday, April 21, 2008

Me and the boy hit the movie house !

Marcel, my big grandson asked me the other day if I'd like to go to the flicks with him ,,,
Well to be absolutely honest, his mother asked me if I'd take him, since me and him could get in for a pensioner and child fee, whereas if she took him she'd have had to pay for herself ( full price adult ) plus her three other kids ,, the big son in question, his little sister & brother and their littler sister ,, yeah the bastards charge for all of them ,, even the littlest at 14 weeks !
All in all it would have cost her £25.95p just to get in !! ,,, and no doubt disrupt the entire proceedings into the bargain, since it wasn't a movie to keep a 14-week old, a 3-year old or an 8-year old amused ,,,,,
It cost me "only" £9.50 so quite a saving ,,, and, she figured I wouldn't mind since my favourite actor was in the movie ,, one Mr. K. Spacey.
She had of course given Marcel the ten quid to pay us both in but since I don't often treat the kids in this way I was more than happy to pay.
Before going in I asked him if he wanted to take in some sweets or drinks or whatever ,, BUT NOT BLOODY POPCORN I said ! The noise that stuff makes would drown out any sound system. Thankfully he said no thanks to all the sweetie stuff and decided just to have a drink ,,
"I'll pay Pumpa" he said ,.,. "Och ok then" says I ,, "it's only a can of coke ,, carry on son ,, I'll have one too."
He shouts to me do I want a small, medium or large coke ... "eh make it medium" I replied ,, not really thinking to ask why we weren't just having a can ?
He comes back over to where I'm standing looking at the prices of the sweetie stuff ,.,. and gives me his change from the tenner to keep in my pocket so's he doesn't lose it .... £4.20p ????
"What's this" I ask .. "The girl's made a mistake" I tell him ,, "it can't possibly be £5.80p for two cokes ...??" .. I head for the counter to check the assistant's arithmetic ,.,. just as Marcel turns to me holding the two "medium" plastic containers of coke !!
Jesus H. Christ ,, you could have a bath in that I exclaimed ... they must have contained at least 2-lites of coke (EACH) ,, possibly even more !
I couldn't believe these were the medium size ,, so I just had to go back to the counter and ask .. DOH ! Is that the correct price ? ,,, and surely these are the large size ??
"Yep that's the price sir" she told me and "Nope ,, the large size is half as large again ,, for the family to share !!" Bloody Nora I thought ,,, "oh thanks" I said !
Well see'n I don't go to the movies very often !
Oh, the movie itself you ask ,,,,, "21" with, as I said before, the brilliant Kevin Spacey ,.,. it was excellent ,, and the kid could have had popcorn too, for the sound systems are a bit better nowadays from what I remember ,,, blow your bloody brains out in fact ,, but very good for an old guy who's half deaf !! And certainly loud enough to drown out any popcorn crunchers !!
All in all a good day ,.,. but next time I'll take a 4x 2 litre pack of coke from Asda and save my wean even more money !!

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