Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's Musique Claude, but not as we know it !

So, against all our better judgement and last year's final post show positive assertion of "Never Again" we stupidly did it ,.,. again ,,,, yep I admit it ,,, we watched the Eurovision Song Contest ,,, Doh ! It's got to be a sign of old age and senility setting in, hasn't it ?
Anyway, for the first time in a long number of years ( yeah ok, so we watch it every bloody year ! ) the songs were a bit better ,, not ALL your usual Euro rubbish. But of course when it came to the judging it all went pear shaped yet again ,.,. To be fair the UK song was absolute shite and thoroughly deserved its last place ,, but that aside, the political voting has now turned the show into a farce,, a world wide laughing stock ,, I mean, even Wogan is threatening "Never Again !!", so things really must be bad.
My beloved however, gas come up with the answer to get the show back on the level !
All contestants sing in the same language ,,, possibly English since that seems to be almost the case already and English seems to be accepted as the language of the music world ,,, well pop music at least ! No National displays allowed ,, no flags, no "see our country" videos ,,, although they could still be shown, but RANDOMLY ,, not necessarily with the country performing ! That could really confuse the drunks eh !!
The competitors have an identifying number and voting is then done on the number of the song and hopefully then judged on music content only ,.,.,. How zat ?
Each country will obviously know its own song since it would still be voted for, pre competition, but this doesn't matter since the judges can't vote for their own .,,. so it still works.
Think the little woman has cracked it ,.,. over to you Terry !!

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