Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Wee Soul got Confused !

My dear grandkids ( well the two oldest ) came up last night to watch the European Cup final, Man U Vs Chelsea, with us.
Marcel & me were firmly in the Red Man U camp but Lotsie decided she was a Blue girl ?
Don't know why, other than maybe to give one to her big brother !
Anyway, the 90-minutes came & went at 1 - 1.
Extra time started ,.,. Lots was a wee bit sleepy by then and dozed on and off on Granny's big comfy swivel chair ,,, Zzzz, Oops, wakened again ,,,, Zzzz ,,,
Marcel & me shouting from time to time roused the little sleepy head ,,,, awake, asleep, awake, asleep ,,,
Then came the Penalty shoot out ! She missed most of it, but the yells in the living room did revive her at each shot !
1-o Man U .... 1-1 ... 2-1 ... and so on ,,,,
It reached a climax at 3-3 ,,, with Chelsea only to score their next penalty to win the most coveted cup in all of Europe ... Up stepped their Captain ,, England Captain, Mr. Chelsea, the magnificent John Terry ,,, game over surely ,,, ??
He slips as he hits the ball ,,, he MISSES ,,, all hell breaks loose ,,, Lotsie jumps up, apparently wide awake ....but getting more & more confused looking !
Two more penalties ,,,, Man U score ,,, Chelsea's Anelka hits a low ball to the goalkeeper's right ,, Man U have a new hero ,,, The goalie saves it and the stadium explodes ,, Mayhem, everywhere in Moscow there's cheers, tears, noise ,,,
Lotsie & Marcel, now an hour or more later than their normal bedtime are being hussled by Pumpa to get into their shoes & jackets ready to go home ,,,, but of course we have to wait another 10-minutes or so to see the Cup presentation etc ,,, can't watch all that drama and miss the end ?
Our wee soul is totally bewildered by all the yelling and tears on the TV screen ( by sleep or by Footie .. not sure which ) ,,
Lotsie is bending down putting on her shoes when I hear her quietly say to her granny ,,,
"So who won anyway ?"
What a lovely wee moment ,,,

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