Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sorry Phyl ,, but now it's GOLF time !

Tomorrow is the ACTUAL start day of course, but today it's the Opening Ceremony complete with all the palaver, speeches, etc, ( more than normal craic this year since Ireland is the host country ?) and TV is showing highlights of all previous years games all day !
So, don't anyone look for any BLOGS from me now before Mon. morning and hopefully then a gloating one after we've duffed up the Yanks yet again !
This year we have the best team I've ever seen BUT, and isn't there always a wee but ( an' ben ? ) we also have perhaps the least motivating leader we've ever had in the wee Welsh Captain Woosie ? I have to admit having grave reservations about him ,,, but hey, the team can do it without his help ,.,. I'm sure of that ,.,. well almost sure !
Anyway, it's on for some 10-hours each day Frid, Sat, and Sun. so why not give it a go and spend some time on Sky Sports 1 ,.,. it WILL be a very exciting and emotional weekend, I promise you ,,,,
Our pals Steve and Joyce are coming over Sun for lunch .,,.,. and later dinner too ,,, just so we can watch the climax together ,.,.,. Yeah, for once the Englisher and I are on the same side !
What more can I say ??
Oh btw it's the RYDER CUP I'm talking about, just in case you didn't know !!


Phyl said...

how can anyone watch golf on telly for 10 hrs solid???? Tell mum to google for 'divorce lawyer' if it all gets too much - or are mum and joyce just planning to pickle themselves as a means of self preservation?

Scudder said...

Yep, pickling is the order of the day !

Thomas said...

The best team? But Thomas Bjørn isn't there, not even as the captain's assistant (or whatever it was he did last time). :-(

Phyl said...

who??? god don't tell me you know sth about golf too :-(???

Thomas said...

Thomas Bjørn is the best Danish golf player at the moment, but he didn't qualify, and that silly captain didn't give him a wildcard. :-( He's from Silkeborg, btw, where Miriam went to secondary school. And don't worry – I've never been onto a golf course in my life.