Sunday, September 17, 2006

Music Obviously plays far too important a roll in my life !

So I'm writing my Blog Profile and it asks me what my musical tastes are !
I told it ,,, in some detail I have to admit ,,, but just names of the various singers, bands, etc that I particularly like,,,, nothing like an exhaustive list ,.,.,. no actual song titles or anything,
It came straight back to me under the heading ,, Profile Alarm " You have more than 600 characters !" ,,, I was suitably alarmed !!
I subsequently had to delete, line by painful line, some of my best loved singers until I reached the magical ( and apparently maximum ) 600 characters ,.,.., and I hadn't even touched on my Classical tastes yet ?
I guess this site suits people with a slightly less musical bent ,..,. Perhaps my daughter's Abba and Barbra Streisand is what is expected ?
But why do they ask such questions and not allow you to answer ??

1 comment:

Phyl said...

so blog a list of yr fav music you daftie! (And I do have more than 2 cds you know!)