Sunday, September 24, 2006

They're getting Younger every day !

Reading last week about the wee girl mummy ,,, she conceived at 11 and gave birth just before her 12th birthday ! The daft wee bugger is pregnant again apparently !!
Does this wean no' know that at her age she's supposed to get into the back seat of a car, no' to go shagging, but to get on to her "Booster" seat.
At this rate she could be a Granny before she's 23 !! and if she's no' big enough her, the wean and the wean's wean could a' be in matching "Boosters" in the wan caur !!

AND, I see we've also now got young foreign prostitutes working in Glasgow's South side ,,,, again at an age more suited to the booster seat than the blow job ! Apparently as young as 12 and "good looking" their services are being offered at just a tenner ,,, ( ask outside any pub ! )
The local "girls" naturally ( old, wrinkly and drugged up to the eyeballs are apparently up in arms ( but not their punters arms !! ) at not getting their £50 - £60
But hey ! I say, at a fraction of the age, a fraction of the cost surely ?? Be fair now girls ,,,,

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Phyl said...

I wonder if they sell mother and child double booster seats ;-) Kinda like a double buggy!