Friday, September 15, 2006

Greedy Bastards

Re this morning's news on the Norwich Union Insurance giant making half it's staff redundant. The staff's Union guy was said to be "Disgusted !"
Disgusted ? Is that the best he can come up with ? This comment doesn't go near far enough ! But they don't like you swearing on these pages, do they ? ,,,
They made £1.7 BILLION ,, a 27% increase in 1/2 a year ! Jesus ,,
Och, Sorry about the cursing, but greedy BASTARDS ! and now they want MORE ??
They're sick... Let's hope they go down the Swanee, and soon ( hic )
Here's my wee Scottish solution ,,
Any company that wants to move half it's work force to India should be made, by law, to have it's executive staff move and live there too ! Let's see how many fat cats will make that sacrifice ? Maybe then we'll stop the UK from becoming a 3rd. world country. ( well done on that front Tony "B" btw )
Oh and as for Norwich Union not allowing their staff to discuss these cuts ,,,
Ha, Let them try stopping me !
AND, Finally, I will ALWAYS hang up when answered by an Indian ( or other foreign ) call centre and as for Norwich getting any further business from me ,,,
Aye right !

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Phyl said...

My fav bit is always the thick Indian accent that says - hello, how can I help you, you are through to Sharon/Jim - Aye, sure I am! ;-)