Saturday, September 30, 2006

So did we all read about the Holyrood Doos ?

Talk about a quiet news day !
Anybody see the LEAD article in the Scotsman this past week ?
Hahahahaha, it would be so much funnier if it wasn't OUR bloody money they were talking about. However it's a MUST read ,,, especially the readers comments ,,, and if we're picking out a winner on that score it just has to be the one from Frank S ,,,, well Mmmm maybe ,,, but then again there's also Philip with his PMD's !!
Go on, read them all, you know you want to ?
It's absolutely wonderful ,,.. a good belly-laugh out loud guaranteed !


Scudder said...

Ah ,,, somehow my LINK didn't work ,, Makes the whole exercise a bit of shit !

Scudder said...

Ha, mission accomplished ,, at last ! Now you can all read what I've been laughing about since Thursday.