Saturday, September 30, 2006

Another Slow News Day ?

Now you must have seen the Baby ASBO story ,,, surely you didn't miss this one ?
The bloody world's gone stark staring barking, and right over the cuckoo's nest ,.,.,
The Holyroo' doos were one thing but this one is just mental ,.,.
Seems that if your Mammy isn't good to you when you're a wean ,,, the "powers that be" can get your ASBO ready for when you hit your teenage years !! Christ isn't science wonderful these days ?
Go on I dare you ,,
Have a go at the readers comments ,.,. if you have a day to spare ! I've never seen more than a couple of dozen comments before but these two "stories "this week have broken the mould !!.....
And I haven't included MINE !!
Do at least get to the one from "Dr. Holmes' mum " !!

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