Sunday, September 17, 2006

My Friend's Stockholm Syndrome !

I have a close friend, who shall remain nameless for this piece ! ( Lest his dear wife sees it and instigates Divorce proceedings ! )
He was telling me the other day as we walked round the golf course :) ,,, just after the news broke about that poor, and now damaged, child, who was kidnapped and held captive for 8-years in a dingy little room.
We were discussing this "Stockholm Syndrome" phenomenon whereby the victim comes to grow attached to the perpetrator ,.,.
He just came right out with it when I was in the middle of my back swing ,,
"I think I've got this Stockholm Syndrome" he said, "In Reverse !!"
What ? I said, paying as little attention as I could muster at such an important point in my game.
Well I've stayed with the wife now for all these years he says, and I've come to hate her !! :)

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