Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Best Age NOT to Die ?

Here's an interesting thought for today !
I was reading all about aging brain cells this morning and came across this theory of old age.
It seems the longer you live the less likely you are to die, since less than 1% of the deaths last year were for people over 100 years old, while more than 99% of the deaths were for people under 100. So if you are over 100 the chances of dying are very small, and wait for it, if you are over 110, then the chances of dying are so negligible that you can ignore them.
Ok, so it's the healthy diet for me from now on ,,, I'm aiming for the ole one, one, zero mark !!


Phyl said...

hahaha, you are quite mad you know!

Scudder said...

If I'm mad too ,,, I won't even know when I die !!