Friday, September 22, 2006

Following up on the Age thing !

Further advice on reducing the chances of dying as you grow older reminded me of another point ,,,, when being teased for being the oldest in a group of (significantly) younger golf buddies, I simply pointed out that at 60 another year older equated to only 1.25% of my life. However, at 40 this became 2.5% and at 20 that figure became 5%. So my younger friends were growing older at a much greater speed than me. In similar vein, it might be an idea to stay away from hospitals as they have high death rates. When I'm ill or injured in future I'm refusing to go to hospital and insisting on being taken to a primary school as statistically the risk of dying there is much lower !!


Phyl said...

you are completely insane :-)

Phyl said...

what happened to el scud and the floating blogger? btw

Scudder said...

I changed my mind on the El Scud thing ,, I think ? and the Floating Blogger I'm still mulling over ,,, It doesn't pay to jump in with both feet without much thought you know !