Monday, May 14, 2007

My Blook is Coming !!

I see the new way for Publishing Houses to find up and coming authors is to appoint "Blog Readers" ,,,, people whose full time job is just browsing other folks blogs !
Progress knows no bounds !
The resulting publication of course being called a BLOOK !
Well whatever next ,,, I may yet be published ?


Phyl said...

maybe you'll need to blog a tiny bit more often to be found by one of these bleditors?

Scudder said...

Surely you must know that QUALITY is much better than QUANTITY ?
Let's hope my benefactor Bleditor knows it too ,.,.,. Btw, Are they really called Bleditors ?? or did you just make that up on the hoof ?

Phyl said...

made it up - wonder if I'm a blexicographer ;-)