Thursday, August 16, 2007

Lotta-lotta luck ,.,. NOT !

Just reading about that "lucky" woman in East Kilbride ?
Her with the £35.4 Euro Millions win. Just think about that for a second ,,, WOW ,,,
Has anyone else noticed, or is it just me and mine ?
When the Lotto first started and the weekly prizes were much larger than they are now ,,
ie, when more people were doing it ,, I used to win a tenner or so every other week or two ,,,occasionally the odd £50 even ,,
Nowadays, and I still do both the Wed. and Sat. draws, I win nothing ,,, zippo,, ziltch, not as much as a bean have I won, in years now.
Why is this ?,,,, with fewer people doing it my chances of a win surely must have INCREASED ?
Anyway, next thing to do obviously, since my luck is going nowhere, is to check out the wee woman in EK ,,, does she need a pal ? a new lover even ,, I see her man ( ex man ) is even luckier than me !! That'll be him in the Mood Badge above !!
Do I happen to know her by any chance ?,, could she be a friend ?,, ok, a friend of a friend ?,,
a friend's friend's aquaintance maybe ? anything, to get into her circle ,.,. her knickers, ,,
I mean her bankbook of course !
Anyway, good luck to the wee soul ,, a bit naive but she seems a nice enough person ,.,.
but God help her now that the world knows her name ! That was her 1st. big mistake ,.,.
With that amount of cash, she should surely have opted for ANONYMITY ?

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