Thursday, October 18, 2007

It wis they bloody Maroon strips !

So, here we go again ,,, Typical bloody Scotland ,,

Get us aw worked up for a brammer o' a perfermance and then play like shite !

But of course the ref. did us no favours .,,. Yon wis an absolute stone-wall penalty, that block on Faddy ,.,. Aye it bloody wis !

And Fletcher just wisnae match fit ,, say whit ye like, the bhoy kin play a bit ,.,.,. normally !

We definitely missed some o' oor "stars" ,.,. Big Lee (McCulloch), Wee beardy Paul (Hartley) wi' the mad eyes, and Scotty ( it's a grand auld team tae play fur Brown. )

But as Big Eck says ,.,. noo there's nae decision to make aboot how we play the Ities ,..,

We jist huv tae go oot an' WIN ,,, nae problem then ,, We ur always betur agin' betur opposition onywae ,..,,.

However I really wid like tae know ,.,.,.
Whit bampot pit us oot in Jambo maroon strips fur Christ's sake ???

As they say ,,,, dress like Jambos and ye'll play like bloody Jambos ,,,

I bet ye that wee Russian bastard at Tynecastle is laughin' his heid off the day !
Well come tae Hampden on Nov.17th ya wee shite, and start yer greetin' a' ower again ,.,.
We arra Peepell !!

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His Girl Friday said...

had a laugh with your friend was saying the same thing!! Yep, it was the colour!! ;))