Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Whatever Happened to the Old New Year ?

What a sad state we've come to !
And sadly I'm old enough to tell you this ,.,. Are you even aware ? ... Let me tell you,.,.,.,
New Year Fings, ain't wot they used to be ,,, not in my day !
No more the friendly knock on the door of ( or by ) neighbours .,., No more joyous exclamations of "Happy New Year" & kisses on the doorstep ,, no more lumps of coal, bottles of whisky, boxes of shortbread being brought to Party by friends !
What's happened ? where has our wonderful old Scottish culture gone ? ,,,
We've been Anglicized I fear ,, or could it be worse than that even ? .,., Globalized maybe ???
Even the slightly less old, but at the time pretty good, Hogmanay TV offerings were great fun ,,,
Duncan McRae, Rikki ( I.M.Jolly ) Fulton, Jack Milroy, Chic Murray ,, aye even Jimmy Logan ,,, and the rest ,,, Alas no more .,,. even the light entertainment candle has been dimmed !
Youth doesn't party with their elders anymore ,.., no more singalongs around the piano nights ? No more wandering from house to house to return home only when the bottles were all empty ,,,
How can our children then learn for the future continuance of these cultural rituals .,,. ?
Now they gather in City Centres and scream & dance in a frenzy of drunken debauchery .,.,
and PAY for the priviledge ! Pay to celebrate New Year ?,, now that says it all really !
Local goverment has obviously learned from its elders ,.,. just jumped on the National goverment bandwagon and now taxing us to do anybloodything ,,
Watch out for that "Breathing Tax",.,.., it's bound to be introduced soon ?
No one, it seems, wants the inconvenience of having their home "messed up" and having to sort it all next morning ,, but why ?? It was never a problem 30- years ago ... washing a few extra glasses surely isn't that much of a chore in today's Dishwasher world ?
We did our annual local Pub thing last night .,., and yeah, we too paid for the privilege :-(
Get to the pub around 9pm ,,, buy drinks all night at their inflated prices, DJ in the corner doing his best to drown out all conversation, ( and with a faulty watch so he rung out the old year & in the new fully 4-minutes before the magical midnight !!
And did he end the night with our beloved last dance and Rabbie's hogmanay anthem “Auld Lang Syne” .,,. Did he hell ,, the last we heard from him was a noisy parting shot of New York, New York ,.,. Eh ?
It was all over and we were thrown out at 1.30am !! Just about the time we used to start out !
If this is the best we have on offer I think next Hogmanay I'll go to bed !

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