Monday, December 14, 2009

As Carrie Bradshaw might say .,.,.,

So Tiger's world is crumbling around his ears ,,,
His many misdemeanours are jumping out to bite him on the bum on an almost daily basis !
I can only say ,, what the hell did the stupid bugger expect ?
Did he really think he could keep this lifestyle up ( oops ! ) without the press finding out ?
However, you think as the first Sports Billionaire he should worry ?? Ha ,., he'll surely be financially sound for life, even if he's now hounded out of the game ?
But wait ,,, half of that billion might get to the poor used little woman & the kids ? I'm sure her ( very good ) lawyers will get the miserly $30 pre nup rescinded in favour of a proper share for a woman done wrong ?
I'm sure too that all the ladies of the night ( and day ) from Maine to Albuquerque will also be hiring good lawyers to jump on the $$$$ band wagon ,,, they seem to be looking at a few million each ,, ( and how many more to come out of the woodwork we wonder ? )
And all the lawyers ?? Boy oh boy ,, what a killing they'll make ,, they must be thinking right now ,, sweetie shop ,, we'ans ... ho ho .,.,,
The advertising giants are all now taking huge steps backwards too .,., well can you blame them ,, take Gillette for instance ,, they have the Tiger, no more Mr. Squeaky clean USA ( shaven or otherwise ! ) the French football cheat with the hand ,, also now lost as the sportsman of the decade and finally the Swiss tennis star of stars who has also come out of the woodwork to admit match fixing !!

And now, even Santa has been accused this week of using exclusively slave female reindeer to pull him around the world ( and all at minimum wage despite unsocial & overtime hours ! )

So as Carrie might ask ,,, Are all men bastards ,,, ? or just the ones that get caught ?
PS : Brilliant photo courtesy of the wonderful Annie Leibovitz
( sorry Annie I'm only borrowing it ! )

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Alistair said...

I hear Susan Boyle may be the next 'face' of Gillette.

Nice one. Nobody fumes better.....