Thursday, September 23, 2010

Why do we do it ?

Britain went gambling mad around 16-years ago with the introduction of the National Lottery.
Since then we have had umpteen ( additional ) versions of this National nonsense, not to mention the myriad of scratch cards, online poker clubs et al encouraging us to throw our money effectively down the pan every time we enter a newsagent's,supermarket or switch on the TV.
The odds, we all know, are totally ridiculous .,., we have as much chance of winning a mega jackpot as we have of taking a trip to Mars !  But still we do it ?  Why ?
You know the old adage ,, if you're not in it, you can't win it !!  Well patently that's true ,,, BUT c'mon, do we really expect to win ?  Why yes, of course we do ! Someone HAS to win every week so why not us ?
My beloved once ( some 8-years ago now ) was ONE number out for a £2.9M payout ,, Her 5-numbers netted her a 2nd. prize payout of £802 .,.,., ( which she spent ,, 5-times over !! ) 
Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  ( see photo above )
I waited expectantly after that KNOWING that in only a few weeks she'd get it right & I'd be a Millionairess's best pal !  Alas it's been a helluva long wait and I'm getting weary !
But nevertheless every Wed. & Sat. there I am in the queue for the shop counter handing over my contribution to "Good Causes". 
£2496 I've given over these past 16-years ( for I also participate in a weekly golf club syndicate .,., which has also won mere peanuts over the piece !! .,., ) 
Will I ever learn ? 
Eh, Doh !

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