Saturday, July 23, 2011

Eulogy for a dear WeeThing ( Part II )

It's been a wee while now since my dear wee cous died
( Frid. 28th. Jan. to be exact )
Naturally I still miss her terribly ,,, No wee Helloo's jumping onto my screen of an evening ,,,
No tales of the family down-under ,,,
Little contact at all now with the bum of the planet, truth be told ,,,
Yesterday however I spoke to her big brother ,, my older cousin in Christ-Church.
We blethered on a bit about weeAnne, how she was so missed by all her NZ family .,.,
and the devastaion following the Eartquakes etc ,, just general chit-chat.
Then all of a sudden Adam ( the Cous ) let this one out of the bag !
Seems the crazy wee bitch was on yon "slip-it-under-the-tongue" Nitroglycerin medication for her heart .,.,

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Alistair said...

A sad tale Scudder, but you can't think of the 'what if' or 'if only's of a situation like that. She obviously felt that it was right to keep it to herself for whatever reason.

Maybe it allowed her to be the person she always had been - and who she wanted to be - in her families eyes.

Hope your keeping well the pair of you.......

talk soon buddy.