Monday, February 26, 2007

Old John has gone to the Big Golf Course in the Sky

Today was a sad/happy day !
Old John Kennedy, our 2nd. oldest member at 94 ! finally went to meet the old Golf Pro up there.
I guess, him being a believer, he'll now be playing off scatch on that beautifully manicured Augusta course in the sky ?
A real old "character", John played 9 or 10 -holes two or three times a week right up until 5 or 6-weeks ago when he suffered a stroke. He was treated at home for a week or two before going into hospital ,,, and was only there for 17-days before he got really tired and went for his last sleep.
Way to Go old pal ... Hope you find all you ever dreamed about ,,, well apart from a world conquering Rangers team ,, even Heaven can't achieve the impossible!!
You'll be missed.

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Phyl said...

2nd oldest??? bloody hell!