Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Phantom Creamola Foam !

This morning I just read THE strangest thing !!
Last week or so when my dear wife was somewhat delirious in one of her fever sweats ,,,
she suddenly asked me, through bleary, sleepy eyes to get her .,,.,. a drink of Creamola Foam !!
She was very specific : it had to be Creamola foam ! Nothing else would satisfy this high temperature craving
Bizarre ,, this very morning my heavily pregnant daughter has blogged the following story. ( neither mother nor daughter had mentioned this urge to one another ! )

Pregnancy is so strange. I woke up at 3-am and felt a sudden urge to blog Creamola Foam!
My granny used to buy Derek and I it as a treat on Friday evenings when I was 7 or 8 years old and I suddenly remembered how much I loved it. Of course thinking back on it, it was probably an unhealthy mix of sugar and acid of some sort that these days would be expected to kill a child at 100 paces but I would love to taste it once more just to confirm that theory.
But apparently they no longer make it :-( "

Could it be that the mother is living thro' a phantom pregnancy with her daughter ??

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