Monday, December 17, 2007

Terrorist Attacks ,.,. The Spin offs ?

The pregnant daughter still is ,.,.,. pregnant that is !
She's now some days overdue and pissed off with the whole affair ,.,. well maybe ( hopefully ) NOT the affair but you know what I mean ,,,, This bundle she's carrying around everywhere is getting a mite heavy for my wee we'an to lug around !
She's also personna non grata with her new in-laws ,.,. they flew over from Denmark to see their new grandchild ,,, they came a couple of days before baby was supposed to make her appearance and were here for a few days after ,,, alas all to no avail. I have just dropped them back at the airport en route home ,.,. They came, they didn't see and I guess they didn't conquer either ,.,.,. Phyl said they did stare at her huge belly for all the days they were in residence, willing baby to come out to play, but Vikings or no', baby defied them ,.,.the little one already has a sense of humour obviously ,.,. we here all fully expect an appearance now today after the grandparents are safely esconsed back in the land of the great Danes !
Anyway ,,, I am writing here to RANT, not to coo at babies !!
Glasgow airport, as you'll all know, was the target of some really DUMB terrorist activity back a couple of months ago ,.,. you remember, the eejits who couldn't drive a Land Rover thro' a plate glass window without cocking it up !!
Well bravo, the Glasgow airport authority ,,, They've managed to capitalise on this near catastrophe ,.,.,. You now can't get anywhere near the airport front concourse to DROP-OFF passengers ,, not even old folks with multiple suitcases ! Fair enough ,,, no future terrorist bastard will be able to emulate their daft comrades in arms !! But wait a minute ,,,
There apparently is a drop off point ,,, somewhere ?? But you try finding your way to it ,.,.
As you approach the airport old front road ,, where you could drive all the way round, past the entrance ,,, you can no longer do ANYTHING other than be forced into a car-park ,,, and having got yourself in there it costs you £1 to get back out !! Park or not !!
I explained to the machine eating the tickets on the way out that I only passed thro' the bloody car park ,, and only because I was forced into it in the first place ,.,. I wasn't paying !
The machine told me to put in my £1 ,.,. I said I had got out of bed to simply run the Vikings to their 'plane and didn't carry money in my Pj's ,.,. It then said ,.,. well put your credit card in ,,,
I asked it if it carried credit cards in it's Jim-Jam pocket to bed ?
Well in that case sir, you'll have to reverse, go park ,, then go talk to Customer Services in the car park main office ,,, Yeah right ,,, in my pyjamas ?? And add more time to my parking bill ??
I called the machine a few choice names, questioned it's parentage ,,, and finally told it that it was one of a new band of theiving bastards, robbing people for no reason other than BECAUSE IT COULD ,.,.,.
I told the lifeless machine that this was the very last time I would be caught in such a trap ,.,.,. even if it means doing a three point turn at the entrance to their car park ,, and driving back against the traffic, I will never again enter it.
I finally put a credit card in it's jaws ( fully expecting it to be eaten after my abuse ) ,.,. but it flew back to me instantly ,,, £1 lighter of course ,.,.
I put it in my P/j pocket and drove off ,,, in the huff !!

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